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World's biggest pasta maker targets MidEast for expansion

Barilla, the world's biggest pasta maker, has secured a ?700 million ($907 million) loan and is looking at acquisition targets in Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. The Italian group, which is
Idag 08:39 Nyhetsmedier Arabian Business, World

Mixed views in East Europe on higher NATO defense

WARSAW, Poland - Leaders in most Eastern European nations are just short of jubilant after NATO created a rapid-reaction "spearhead" force to protect the region from Russian bullying. They have long s
Idag 07:02 Nyhetsmedier Northwest Herald

Apparent shelling heard outside Ukrainian port

KIEV, Ukraine - Witnesses in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol reported sustained explosions outside the city and a volunteer battalion of Ukrainian fighters says Grad rockets were fired at its posi
Idag 07:02 Nyhetsmedier Northwest Herald

Vapenvilan bruten i Mariupol

08:13 söndag 7 September 2014 Kommentera Artillerield och explosioner har hörts i hamnstaden Mariupols utkanter i östra Ukraina under natten. Det verkar vara de första stora överträdelserna av v
Idag 06:13 Nyhetsmedier Allanyheter

Barnens favorit Björne visste hur man lekte

På 1990-talet ansågs till och med barnens favorit Björne värdig nog att lyftas upp som ett ideal av kultureliten. Eric Schüldt önskar att leken skulle få göra en återkomst i dagens gravallvar
Idag 06:07 Nyhetsmedier Expressen, Kultur

FM: China supports Ukraine truce

The visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed relief and support here on Friday over a permanent truce within Ukraine. Questioned by media, the Chinese official said his country hopes that t
Idag 05:44 Webbtjänster China.org, Top news

Scottish independence: 'Yes' vote takes shock lead in poll for first time

The "Yes" campaign fighting for Scottish independence took a shock lead in the polls last night just 11 days before the country's referendum. A fresh YouGov poll, when excluding undecided voters, plac
Idag 05:43 Nyhetsmedier Al-Rasub

Amnesty: Krigsbrott i Ukraina

Människorättsorganisationen anklagar också Ryssland för att ha underblåst konflikten, både genom direkt inblandning och genom att förse separatisterna med vapen. I rapporten hänvisas till sate
Idag 05:40 Nyhetsmedier Sydsvenskan

Artillery attack challenges ceasefire Ukraine

Idag 05:38 Nyhetsmedier News24 World

Sporadic shelling, gunfire strain fragile ceasefire in eastern Ukraine

Mariupol, Ukraine (CNN) -- Sporadic shelling and machine gunfire rang out early Sunday on the outskirts of a key Ukrainian city, straining a fragile ceasefire between the government and pro-Russian se
Idag 05:36 Nyhetsmedier CNN International

Amnesty Krigsbrott i Ukraina

07:35 söndag 7 September 2014 Kommentera Bägge sidor i Ukrainakonflikten har gjort sig skyldiga till krigsbrott , bland annat urskillningslöst bombardemang mot civila, tortyr och mord. Det skriver
Idag 05:35 Nyhetsmedier Allanyheter

Ukraine ceasefire threatened by artillery fire near Mariupol

Ukrainian government forces came under artillery fire late on Saturday near the strategic port of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine, in the first serious violation of a ceasefire declared only about 30 hour
Idag 05:24 Nyhetsmedier France 24

Reported artillery attack on Mariupol threatens Ukraine cease-fire

Idag 04:44 Nyhetsmedier FOX News

Perspectives on the Crisis in Ukraine - A Public Forum

"The old Cold War. is not what we thought it was. It was not a contest between capitalism and communism, between liberty and the denial ofliberty.it was most fundamentally an effort on the part of th
Idag 04:41 Nyhetsmedier GlobalResearch

In Europe, Plenty Of Outrage -- Just Not About Russia's Actions In Ukraine

September 05, 2014 by Daisy Sindelar Bernard Grua, a financial auditor and amateur photographer from the Brittany region of northwest France, was never interested in activism. But that changed this ye
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Russia Says 'Will React' If EU Imposes New Sanctions

September 06, 2014 Russia's Foreign Ministry has warned Moscow will react if the European Union imposes new sanctions against Russia over its role in the Ukraine crisis. The Foreign Ministry in a stat
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

NATO's Eastern Countries Fractured Over Response To Russia

September 06, 2014 by Robert Coalson Czech President Milos Zeman sparked a testy exchange with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt this week at the NATO summit in Wales, declaring that Prague had not
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

EU Agrees Fresh Sanctions Against Russia

September 06, 2014 by RFE/RL EU officials have agreed stronger sanctions against Russia over its role in eastern Ukraine, with the measures to be implemented on September 8. Diplomats say the fresh sa
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Russian Foreign Ministry: NATO Statements on Ukraine Endanger Progress in Peace Process

RIA Novosti 01:12 06/09/2014 MOSCOW, September 5 (RIA Novosti) - The gist and tone of the statements made by NATO-members on the situation in Ukraine risk to hamper progress in the peace process and e
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Red Cross Ready to Cooperate on Delivery of 2nd Humanitarian Convoy to Ukraine: Moscow

RIA Novosti 09:12 06/09/2014 Updated on 12:14 p.m. Moscow Time MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is ready to cooperate with Moscow on the delivery
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Poroshenko Hopes Ukraine Maintains Territorial Integrity

RIA Novosti 11:18 06/09/2014 MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko on Saturday expressed hope that the country maintains its territorial integrity, sovereignty and i
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Kiev Forces Continue Shelling Despite Ceasefire: Donetsk Militia

RIA Novosti 11:41 06/09/2014 Updated on 11:55 a.m. Moscow Time DONETSK, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - Ukrainian special forces continued shelling towns and militia positions in the Donetsk region late F
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Poroshenko Refuses to Name NATO Countries Offering Kiev Military Aid

RIA Novosti 15:39 06/09/2014 MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko refused to name the NATO countries that had offered Kiev to deliver precision-guided weapons in hi
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Poroshenko, Putin Agree Ukraine Truce Holding

September 06, 2014 by RFE/RL Kyiv says the Ukrainian and Russian presidents have agreed that the cease-fire in eastern Ukraine is largely holding, despite reports of scattered skirmishes and a Red Cro
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Sustained Artillery Fire Reported in E. Ukraine

by VOA News September 06, 2014 Witnesses in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol reported sustained explosions outside the city late Saturday, in an area where Ukraine's troops are holding a defensive
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Poroshenko Not Confident About Long-Term Ceasefire in East of Ukraine

RIA Novosti 17:38 06/09/2014 MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with BBC Saturday he was not confident that a ceasefire in the east of Ukrain
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Putin, Poroshenko Discuss Steps to Provide Sustainable Ceasefire in Ukraine's East

RIA Novosti 18:41 06/09/2014 Updated on 08:44 p.m. Moscow Time MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed steps for providi
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Putin, Poroshenko Acknowledge Sides of Ukrainian Conflict Observe Ceasefire: Kremlin

RIA Novosti 19:02 06/09/2014 Updated on 09:07 p.m. Moscow Time MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko admitted during a telephone
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

News Analysis: NATO Upgrades By Going Back To Basics

September 05, 2014 by Brian Whitmore NEWPORT, Wales -- Oh, what a difference six years and two wars make. When NATO heads of state gathered in Bucharest back in April 2008, Vladimir Putin pretty much
Idag 04:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Amnesty: Osannolik råhet mot civila i Ukraina

Människorättsorganisationen Amnesty International anklagar bägge parter i den ukrainska konflikten för hänsyslöshet och råhet mot civilbefolkningen. Den ukrainska armén har urskillningslöst b
Idag 04:32 Nyhetsmedier YLE Internytt

US, Ukraine to Conduct Military Exercises in Black Sea on September 8-10: Kiev

The Ukrainian and US navies will take part in joint military drills © RIA Novosti. ????? ?????????? 08:01 07/09/2014 Tags: drills , United States , Ukraine Related News Psaki: US-Ukraine Military Dri
Idag 04:14 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

Strider i Ukraina trots vapenvila

Stockholm. Utdragen artillerield och kraftiga explosioner hördes i utkanten av hamnstaden Mariupol i östra Ukraina natten till lördagen. Mycket talade för att vapenvilan som trädde i kraft dagen
Idag 04:10 Nyhetsmedier Aftonbladet

Power Cuts Highlight Crimea's Reliance on Ukraine

Idag 04:06 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

Ryssland och N Europa

50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Sweden's Andersson wins Golden Lion at Venice fest

Winning film follows 2 sad-sacks trying unsuccessfully to sell vampire teeth and other novelties AP Published: 09:11 September 7, 2014 .ie8 .notie7 Image Credit: EPA epa04388589 Swedish director Roy
Idag 07:23 Nyhetsmedier GulfNews.com, Entertainment

Winners at the 71st Venice film festival

Prizes were awarded on Saturday AFP Published: 09:11 September 7, 2014 .ie8 .notie7 Here is a list of the prizes awarded at the Venice film festival on Saturday: - Golden Lion for best film: A Pigeo
Idag 07:23 Nyhetsmedier GulfNews.com, Entertainment


50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet
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50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Vapenvilan bruten i Mariupol

Artillerield och explosioner har hörts i hamnstaden Mariupols utkanter i östra Ukraina under natten. Det verkar vara de första stora överträdelserna av vapenvilan från i fredags. Korrespondenter
Idag 05:40 Nyhetsmedier Sydsvenskan