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Kl 08:46 söndag 30 november Nyheter om Ryssland och Ukrainakriget ISIS och Ebola. Uppdateras kl 6, 9, 12 och 18 varje dag


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Moldovans choose between East and West in parliamentary polls

Moldovans are voting in parliamentary elections widely seen as a referendum on whether to align with Europe or pursue closer ties with Russia. The vote comes amid heightened East-West tensions over th
Idag 07:33 Nyhetsmedier Deutsche Welle, DW-World.de

Moldovans vote, election may slow moves to integration with Europe

View Photo Ballot boxes are seen as a member of a local electoral commission passes by at a . View Photo A member of a local electoral commission checks a ballot box at a polling station . View Phot
Idag 07:12 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

Moldova begins voting in crucial election

Moldovans have begun voting in a crucial parliamentary election between parties that want to move closer to Europe and those that want to move back into Russia's orbit. Sunday's election takes on wide
Idag 07:04 Nyhetsmedier Al Jazeera

Vilka var låtarna i På resande not?

Varje vecka i På resande not leds lagen rätt - och ibland helt fel - med hjälp av gamla och nya arkivklipp från Eurovision Song Contest. Här finns listan över samtliga låtar som satt myror i hu
Idag 07:00 Nyhetsmedier YLE Internytt

Wallaby Pocock arrested at mine protest

By Morag MacKinnon SYDNEY Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:58am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Related News Ferguson protesters surprise Macy's Black Friday shoppers in NYC Fri, Nov 28 2014 More than 400 arrested
Idag 06:58 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, Environment

Rough justice: Ukraine rebels lay down law in breakaway state

A Russian citizen who favours the death penalty, Eduard Yakubovsky, is trying to become the new face of justice in rebel-held east Ukraine. Appointed president of the "Supreme Court" in the self-procl
Idag 06:51 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Moldovans vote, torn between pull of EU, Russia

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) - Moldovans have begun voting in elections where they are choosing between parties that want to move closer to Europe and those that want to move back into Russia's orbit. Sunda
Idag 06:13 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - World News

Valet i Moldavien: Kamp mellan väst och öst

Valet i Moldavien i dag är en del av maktkampen mellan EU och Ryssland om inflytandet i östra Europa. Valet sker mot en dramatisk bakgrund: Den provästliga regeringen fruktar att ryska krafter ska
Idag 06:03 Nyhetsmedier SVT, Utrikes

Falling oil prices offer the west a great chance to refashion itself. Let's seize it

For the past 18 months, the world's biggest oil producer has been the US. Saudi Arabia, eat your heart out. Courtesy of the fracking revolution, the US will maintain this new standing for the foreseea
Idag 05:58 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

"Måste bestämma sig för att inte vara rädd"

STOCKHOLM-KIEV-STOCKHOLM. Stefan Löfven är "en mycket försiktig general". Säger Margot Wallström och konstaterar att statsministern inte alls är som Göran Persson. - Stefan är en lyssnande typ
Idag 05:32 Nyhetsmedier Expressen

Ukrainskt förbud mot flyg över östra Ukraina

Luftfartsmyndigheterna i Ukraina har förbjudit flygtrafik över landets östra del, med hänvisning till säkerheten. Förbudet gäller ryska flygbolag som reser till flygplatserna i Charkiv och Dnep
Idag 05:17 Nyhetsmedier YLE Internytt

Donald Tusk, new face from the east to lead Europe

View Photo With his direct manner and piercing blue eyes, Donald Tusk (L), the 57-year-old former . View Photo From left: EU Council President-elect Donald Tusk, outgoing EU Council President . Pola
Idag 05:05 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

Moldavien hotar bli nästa slagfält för Putin och EU

06:32 söndag 30 November 2014 Kommentera Beväpnade proryska aktivister är beredda att ställa till bråk om - fel- partier vinner dagens parlamentsval i Moldavien. I värsta fall hotar en utveck
Idag 04:32 Nyhetsmedier Allanyheter

Moldovans Vote, Torn Between Pull of EU, Russia

CHISINAU, Moldova — Nov 30, 2014, 1:13 AM ET Moldovans have begun voting in elections where they are choosing between parties that want to move closer to Europe and those that want to move back into
Idag 01:14 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

Ryssland och Europa

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Moldova Holds Key General Elections

Moldova is voting in parliamentary elections which are widely seen as a contest between parties aiming for membership in the European Union and those backing closer ties with Russia.
Idag 06:46 Nyhetsmedier Radio Liberty

Scores of Russian gays are seeking asylum in US

NEW YORK (AP) - Had he stayed in Russia, Andrew Mironov would be settling into a stable job with an oil company, likely with a newly awarded doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Instead, he face
Idag 06:29 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Cybercriminals target telcos in India, other nations with Regin

Regin -- to penetrate and monitor GSM networks in India and other countries including Pakistan, Brazil, Germany and Russia, security researchers have said.
Idag 06:15 Nyhetsmedier The Economics Times


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Pope Francis reflects at Blue Mosque

Pope Francis stood alongside a top Islamic cleric in a moment of silent contemplation at Istanbul's Blue Mosque on Saturday, as he visited the former capital of the Christian Byzantine world for the f
Idag 08:32 Nyhetsmedier IAfrica.com

ISIL lawyer springs British woman from jail to fight in Syria

A British female terrorist has claimed the ISIL sent a lawyer to secure her release from a Turkish prison so she could join the terror group in Syria. Umm Khattab al-Britaniyya claims she was rescued
Idag 08:25 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

Egyptian court drops case against Mubarak over 2011 protest deaths

An Egyptian court has dropped its case against former President Hosni Mubarak over the killing of protesters in the 2011 uprising that ended his 30-year rule and symbolised hopes for a new era of poli
Idag 07:30 Nyhetsmedier Arabian Business, World

Two killed in Taliban raid in Kabul, Camp Bastion under fire

By Mirwais Harooni KABUL Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:09am EST Tweet Share this Email Print 1 of 5. Smoke and fire rise from a foreign aid workers' guest house after a Taliban attack in Kabul November 29, 2014.
Idag 07:06 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

Suicide attacks hit Syria-Turkey border

Islamic State group jihadists launched a double attack yesterday on a Kurdish-controlled post on the Syrian-Turkish border for the first time, prompting fierce clashes in the adjacent town of Kobane.
Idag 06:30 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

Iraq's divisions will delay counter-offensive on Islamic State

By Dominic Evans BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. air support and pledges of weapons and training for Iraq 's army have raised expectations of a counter-offensive soon against Islamic State, but sectarian rif
Idag 06:29 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

British ISIS fighter blows himself up in suicide mission in Iraq

A British ISIL fighter has blown himself up in a car on a suicide mission in Iraq using 1800kg of explosives to kill a number of the country's security force soldiers. Abu Hajar al-Britani reportedly
Idag 06:28 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

"Who Arrived Here to Save us After Mosul Fell?"

Mowaffak al-Rubaie, a Member of Parliament and a former National Security Adviser of Iraq told Newsweek about of Major General Qasem Soleimani role's on crushing ISIS terrorist group. Front page of Ne
Idag 06:28 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

Islamic State group launches attack on Kobani from Turkey

BEIRUT - The Islamic State group launched an attack Saturday on the Syrian border town of Kobani from Turkey, a Kurdish official and activists said, although Turkey denied that the fighters had used i
Idag 06:03 Nyhetsmedier Northwest Herald

Miteb: Remove Syrian regime to eradicate IS

National Guard Minister Prince Miteb bin Abdullah has called on the international community to remove the Syrian regime if it wants to defeat the Islamic State terror group. Prince Miteb made the comm
Idag 05:58 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

Big Brother IS watching you. Don't be complacent about surveillance

"It won't be me," I hear you say. And, of course, I accept you are not a criminal, after all. The worst you do online is post stupid comments when you are drunk and masturbate to porn when you think n
Idag 05:58 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

Pope Francis reflects at Blue Mosque in symbolic Istanbul visit

ISTANBUL -- Pope Francis stood alongside a top Islamic cleric in a moment of silent contemplation at Istanbul's Blue Mosque on Saturday, as he visited the former capital of the Christian Byzantine wor
Idag 05:56 Nyhetsmedier ABS-CBN News


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Virtual Reality is real virtual empathy

Monty Munford tries out Oculus Rift   tag --> By Monty Munford 7:00AM GMT 30 Nov 2014 Follow Comments A friend of mine's grandmother is 101 years old and every night takes the radio to be with her to
Idag 07:00 Nyhetsmedier Telegraph, Tech

U.N. agency: Number of Ebola cases now tops 16,000

Idag 06:46 Nyhetsmedier CNN, Africa

A glance at developments in Ferguson

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Idag 06:35 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - US News

Ferguson officer who shot Michael Brown resigns

By ALAN SCHER ZAGIER 12 minutes ago ? ? ? ? Content preferences Done #Stencil .channel-applet-wrap .vp-container #Stencil .channel-applet-wrap #ym-player #Stencil .channel-applet-wrap .current.pl-mark
Idag 06:34 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - US News

Telegraph Christmas charity appeal: The life-saving dogs who sniff out danger

Trainee superheroes... The caped crusaders otherwise known as Medical Detection Dogs on a break at their training centre in Buckinghamshire   Photo: David Rose/The Telegraph tag --> By Peter Stanford
Idag 06:30 Nyhetsmedier Telegraph, News

Doctor who died of Ebola hailed as hero

Idag 06:00 Nyhetsmedier News24 World

Death toll from Ebola outbreak nears 7,000 in West Africa: WHO

DAKAR - The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak on record has reached nearly 7,000 in West Africa, the World Health Organization said on Saturday. The toll of 6,928 dead showed a leap of just ove
Idag 05:56 Nyhetsmedier ABS-CBN News

Controlling Ebola: WHO advice forwarded to health ministry

The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Saturday presented a preparedness assessment report to tackle Ebola in 22-member states of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. The WHO is providing technical suppo
Idag 05:17 Nyhetsmedier The express tribune

West Africa: Ebola Death Toll Nears 7,000 - WHO

The World Health Organization has dramatically revised the death toll from the Ebola outbreak. Almost 7,000 have died from the virus - adding 1,200 more to a count released days ago. Nearly 7,000 peop
Idag 05:03 Nyhetsmedier AllAfrica.com