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Motives Unclear for Russian Flights Over NATO Airspace

NATO on Wednesday said it detected "an unusual level of air activity" by a number of Russian flights in European airspace this week. Four different groups of Russian military aircraft flew over the Ba
Idag 08:06 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

Misen Energy AB: Rapport från Misen Energy AB (publ) avseende produktion och försäljning under oktober 2014

Under oktober 2014 har det av Misen Energy AB (publ) (Misen) ledda Joint Activity (JA) producerat sammanlagt 55,1 miljoner kubikmeter (mmcm) naturgas, 2,5 tusen ton (kt) gaskondensat och 1,5 kt olja.
Idag 08:05 Pressreleaser Aktiespararna, Börspressmeddelanden

Russia warns Ukraine on NATO

Russia on Wednesday called for Ukraine to stay out of the NATO alliance, insisting that a "non-aligned status" was in the interests of the ex-Soviet country. "There is no doubt that (Ukraine's) non-al
Idag 07:24 Nyhetsmedier

Special Report - Crimean savers ask: Where's our money?

View Photo A woman sits inside an office of the Russian National Commercial Bank in the Crimean . By Steve Stecklow, Elizabeth Piper and Oleksandr Akymenko SIMFEROPOL Crimea (Reuters) - Outside a hig
Idag 06:55 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

Ukrainian Forces Prepare to Defend Mariupol

In-Depth Coverage by Daniel Schearf November 19, 2014 Shelling continues on the outskirts of Mariupol, in southeast Ukraine, as Russia-backed rebels have gradually advanced from the northeast on the s
Idag 06:49 Fackpress

US Should Consider Lethal Aid to Ukraine, Says Obama Nominee

In-Depth Coverage by VOA News November 19, 2014 U.S. President Barack Obama's nominee to fill the number two post at the State Department says the White House should consider providing Ukraine with le
Idag 06:49 Fackpress

Special Report: Crimean savers ask: Where's our money?

SIMFEROPOL Crimea (Reuters) - Outside a high-rise building on the outskirts of this disputed region's capital, a steady stream of frustrated residents exited a government office, clutching folders of
Idag 06:48 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Top Stories

Ukraine unilaterally demarcates border with Russia

The Ukrainian government on Wednesday approved a draft presidential decree on unilateral demarcation of its border with Russia. Ukraine will unilaterally demarcate the Ukraine-Russia border and the go
Idag 06:06 Webbtjänster, Top news

Opinion: Two-faced Russia

Moscow's foreign policy has been getting increasingly mysterious for several months. Much about Putin's policies harks back to czarist expansionism and Soviet ambition, says Christian F. Trippe. The R
Idag 06:01 Nyhetsmedier

Löfven: Vi ska agera feministiskt

New York. Stefan Löfven lyfte fram jämställdhet när han på onsdagen mötte USA:s förra utrikesminister Hillary Clinton och FN-chefen Ban Ki-Moon i New York. - Vi ska agera feministiskt också ut
Idag 05:46 Nyhetsmedier Aftonbladet

Czech president urged to quit by protesters

Czech President Milos Zeman got a red card from protesters on Wednesday night as thousands gathered in central Prague calling for him to quit. Growing numbers of voters accuse Zeman of drifting too cl
Idag 05:45 Nyhetsmedier Euronews - World News

Russia urges Ukraine not to join NATO

By Agence France-Presse on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 Russia on Wednesday called for Ukraine to stay out of the NATO alliance, insisting that a "non-aligned status" was in the interests of the ex-S
Idag 05:16 Fackpress Defense Talk

BBC Sport (International version)

' + 'We\'re sorry but this article is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our ' + 'international service and is not funded by the license fee.' + ' '); $( ".story-body" ).show(); }); }); } } }
Idag 05:11 Nyhetsmedier BBC News, Latest

Distortion and dishonesty: Ukrainian films at the Cottbus Film Festival

The Festival of East European Cinema in Cottbus, Germany (120 kilometres southeast of Berlin and a few miles from the Polish border) has been an annual event since 1991. While a handful of films at th
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

Kiev, NATO step up threats against Russia

Following the attacks on Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Brisbane, fighting has intensified in eastern Ukraine. Each side has accused the other of responsibility. The Kiev govern
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

German military to lead NATO rapid response force

The German military will lead a NATO rapid response force in Eastern Europe, according to a report in Saturday's Die Welt . The conservative newspaper, which is well connected to top NATO circles, wri
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

Ryssland och N Europa

100 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Paper Talk: 'Balotelli a lost cause, football bet sees athlete win big, Russia star's birthday bear stunt

FRANCESCO Totti slams Mario Balotelli, claiming the Liverpool striker is beyond helping, while a British athlete turns $9 into $91,000 on a football bet This is Paper Talk. Totti slams Super Mario Ita
Idag 06:46 Nyhetsmedier News.Com.Au, SportBreakingNews

Kerry in diplomatic overdrive on Iran nuclear deal

LONDON (AP) -- With a deadline for Iranian nuclear deal fast approaching, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry embarked Wednesday on a frenzy of high-stakes diplomacy in a last-minute push to secure an
Idag 06:19 Nyhetsmedier Associated Press, World

Iran to resist excessive demands in push for N-deal

Iran said it would resist Western pressure to make what it considered to be excessive concessions in nuclear talks that started yesterday, highlighting obstacles that could prevent a historic deal bei
Idag 06:04 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

Iran nuclear talks get down to nitty-gritty

Iran and six world powers get down to business in Vienna on Wednesday, groping for the elusive magic formula to secure a milestone nuclear deal that satisfies hardliners in Tehran and Washington. The
Idag 06:04 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

Iran nuclear talks hang in the balance

A final round of talks on Iran's nuclear programme before a looming deadline hung in the balance Thursday as Britain expressed pessimism a deal could be done in time and foreign ministers stayed away.
Idag 05:34 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

The head of the world's biggest economic bloc is facing calls to resign over 'magical fairyland' tax deals

Just days into his tenure as president of the European Commission, document leaks put Jean-Claude Juncker in the hot seat. Tweet Enlarge The revelations will almost certainly harm Juncker's plans to r
Idag 05:30 Nyhetsmedier Global Post

Global economy falls deeper into slump

The announcement Monday of a third-quarter contraction in Japan's gross domestic product, officially plunging the world's third-largest economy into its fourth recession since 2008, is another indicat
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

Big business candidate wins Romanian presidential elections

The Romanian Social Democratic government is in political crisis following the decisive defeat of premier Victor Ponta in the second round of the presidential elections by the conservative candidate K
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site


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The 100th Anniversary of Britain's Worst Defeat

The 100th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire's defeat of British forces at Kut-al-Amaram, Iraq, is being used as a recruiting tool by ISIS.
Idag 08:31 Nyhetsmedier American Thinker

-˜Revoking European passports solution to jihadist issue-™

To prevent European converts who listen to extremist preachers from fighting for ISIS, European governments should revoke their travel documents, defense consultant Moeen Raoof told RT.Jihadists relea
Idag 08:24 Nyhetsmedier

The Rundown -- November 20

RFE/RL in the Media # Christian Today cites RFE/RL report on Christian families in Raqqa# Silk Road cites RFE/RL report on political prisoner Roza Tuletaeva# Global Research mentions RFE/RL in the re
Idag 08:14 Nyhetsmedier Radio Liberty

The Cult of ISIS

By Adrian Salbuchi, RTNo, were not talking about any ancient Egyptian religious lore, even though geographically, were in the same general area.Were talking about the latest boogeyman trump card drawn
Idag 07:54 Nyhetsmedier

French-speaking ISIS fighters ask Muslims to terrorise France

A group of French-speaking bearded fighters of the dreaded Islamic State militant group has asked Muslims in the country to "operate within France" and bring terror to the streets of the European nati
Idag 07:35 Nyhetsmedier The Hindu

US top commander bullish about war on ISIL

The chances of success for US military action in Iraq are higher than the last war, since local troops have had support from their American counterparts from the start, General Martin Dempsey said. At
Idag 07:02 Nyhetsmedier Al Jazeera

At high-level debate, UN, Security Council renew pledge to counter foreign terrorist fighters

19 November 2014 - As foreign fighters continue to flood the world's zones of conflict, exacerbating already tenuous security situations and further destabilizing States, the United Nations Security C
Idag 06:49 Fackpress

Turkey, US Struggle to Merge Interests in IS Fight

In-Depth Coverage by Dorian Jones November 19, 2014 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed Wednesday that Turkey will not open its bases to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State
Idag 06:49 Fackpress

Dempsey 'Encouraged, but Pragmatic' About Iraq

In-Depth Coverage By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2014 - Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey is "encouraged, but pragmatic" about progress in Iraq to counter the Islamic
Idag 06:49 Fackpress

Aid workers in conflict zones no longer immune, now targeted

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Humanitarian groups in conflict zones need to reconsider how they protect aid workers now that insurgents no longer provide immunity for relief work, aid expe
Idag 06:45 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Top Stories

UK takes part in coalition air strike against Isis

RAF fighter bombers have taken part in a coalition air strike against an Islamic State (Isis) bunker complex in northern Iraq, the UK Ministry of Defence has said, the Guardian ...
Idag 06:21 Nyhetsmedier

Erdogan raps US on Syria ahead of Biden visit

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday chided the United States for failing to meet Turkey's conditions to play a bigger role in the anti-jihadist coalition in Syria, in a new sign of strains ahe
Idag 06:14 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

US concerned over reports of ISIS extremists in Libya

Idag 06:10 Nyhetsmedier News24 Africa

US waging war against Syria in conjunction with ISIL: Don DeBar

American journalist Don DeBar says the United States is in fact waging a war against the government and people of Syria in conjunction with the ISIL terrorist group Don DeBar, an anti-war activist and
Idag 06:06 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

PRESS DIGEST - Wall Street Journal - Nov 20

Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:02am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Related News UPDATE 1-Yahoo CEO says Firefox deal will boost search market share Wed, Nov 19 2014 Yahoo to replace Google as default U.S. Firef
Idag 06:02 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, Mergers

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop chides Barack Obama over Great Barrier Reef climate change remarks

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has criticised US president Barack Obama for a speech in Brisbane last weekend in which he claimed climate change threatened the Great Barrier Reef. Speaking to 7.30 from
Idag 05:55 Nyhetsmedier ABC Australia Australia

Second Frenchman identified on IS beheading video - prosecutor

Officials said on Monday that one of the men shown herding prisoners to their execution was Maxime Hauchard, a Frenchman Muslim convert who left for Syria in 2013. In a statement, the state prosecutor
Idag 05:53 Nyhetsmedier Reuters

French ISIL militants urge fellow Muslims to launch attacks back home

Three French members of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ( ISIL ) have appeared on a new militant propaganda video. The men are seen burning what appear to be their passports and then proceed to c
Idag 05:43 Nyhetsmedier Euronews - World News

Boko Haram steps up attacks in Cameroon

Nigerian Islamist extremists Boko Haram are intensifying attacks in neighbouring Cameroon, targeting new villages with increasingly sophisticated weapons, as the army fears more violence in the approa
Idag 05:34 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

U.S. states get more, spend more on Medicaid under Obamacare: report

WASHINGTON Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:16am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Six-month-old Hazel Garcia chews a pamphlet at a health insurance enrollment event in Cudahy, California March 27, 2014. Credit: Re
Idag 05:16 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, U.S.

Senate blocks any limit to NSA spying on phone calls

The US Senate blocked action Tuesday on a bill that would have imposed only minor limitations on a National Security Agency program that collects records of the phone calls of every American. The vote
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

Gay Iraqis at 'imminent risk of death'

Report finds the government is 'complicit' in the rise of anti-gay violence 20 November 2014 | By Darren Wee Photo via US government LGBTI Iraqis are at 'imminent risk of death' amid a breakdown in ru
Idag 03:01 Nyhetsmedier Gay Star News


50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Ebola heightens need for aid for orphans

The Ebola epidemic has put adoptions in affected West African countries on hold, indefinitely. As adoptive families wait, aid organizations are seeking emergency funding to care for those orphans - an
Idag 07:38 Nyhetsmedier Associated Press, Health

Sierra Leone Ebola orphans "at risk of being ostracized"

KAILAHUN/DAKAR, 20 November 2014 (IRIN) - Of the hundreds of children in Sierra Leone who have lost parents to Ebola, the vast majority have lost both their mother and their father.
Idag 07:23 Nyhetsmedier IRIN

Storytelling trumps smartphones in Ebola crisis, experts say

By Stella Dawson WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Storytelling and plays trump smartphones to deliver messages on Ebola in some communities, illustrating how new technologies have their limit
Idag 07:11 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Health

Two people shot on Florida State University campus: hospital

Thu Nov 20, 2014 2:00am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Related News New York person's remains test negative for Ebola Wed, Nov 19 2014 Related Topics U.S. » n">(Reuters) - Two people were shot at t
Idag 07:00 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, U.S.

Ebola har krävt minst 5 420 dödsoffer

Ebolautbrottet i Västafrika har redan krävt 5 420 dödsoffer, enligt Världshälsoorganisationen WHO:s senaste uppgifter. Långt fler har smittats än vad som har rapporterats. Inalles 15 145 ebolaf
Idag 06:50 Nyhetsmedier YLE Internytt

Ebola Economic Toll Stirs W. Africa Food Security Concerns

In-Depth Coverage by Henry Ridgwell November 19, 2014 The World Bank said Wednesday that it expects the Ebola outbreak will cost the sub-Saharan Africa economy about $3 billion to $4 billion, well bel
Idag 06:49 Fackpress

'Insecurity on the march again' in Africa's Sahel region, UN relief official warns

19 November 2014 - Insecurity is on the march again in the countries of Africa's Sahel belt, where extremists have displaced 1.5 million people in Nigeria and "the enormous threat of Ebola" is exacerb
Idag 06:49 Fackpress

Dempsey Calls for Budget Increase, Flexibility

By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2014 - The American military is being asked to do more in an increasingly volatile world and Congress needs to increase its budget
Idag 06:49 Fackpress

Ebola spreading intensely in Sierra Leone as toll rises: WHO

GENEVA (Reuters) - The toll in the Ebola epidemic has risen to 5,420 deaths out of 15,145 cases in eight countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, with transmission of the dead
Idag 06:43 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Health

BBC Sport (International version)

' + 'We\'re sorry but this article is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our ' + 'international service and is not funded by the license fee.' + ' '); $( ".story-body" ).show(); }); }); } } }
Idag 06:26 Nyhetsmedier BBC News, Latest

India isolates man with Ebola-infected semen

An Ebola survivor has been quarantined in India after his semen tested positive for the virus, health officials there have announced, according to CNN.The 26-year-old man, an Indian national, traveled
Idag 06:21 Nyhetsmedier

Positive results in Ebola fighting efforts -“ USAID

The Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa is slowly being brought under control, Dr. Ariel Pablos-Mendez, assistant administrator for global health at the United States Agency for International Developm
Idag 06:21 Nyhetsmedier

Rasistiska visumförbud brott mot internationell lag

Både Kanada och Australien har infört olagliga visumförbud med syftet att "stoppa spridningen av ebola". Reserestriktioner för personer från eboladrabbade länder är inte bara olagliga, utan des
Idag 06:05 Nyhetsmedier Fria Tidningen

Ebolautbrottet har krävt minst 5 420 dödsofferr

07:52 torsdag 20 November 2014 Kommentera Ebolautbrottet i västafrika har redan krävt 5 420 dödsoffer, enligt världshälsoorganisationen WHOs senaste uppgifter. Långt fler har smittats än vad so
Idag 05:52 Nyhetsmedier Allanyheter

In a Lather Over Triclosan? Thumbs Down to Fear-Mongering Soap Operas!

Another day, another fuss about an animal study. This time, it's a cancer scare around a common antibacterial in soaps: triclosan. "The dirty side of soap," says the headline on the university's press
Idag 01:33 Bloggar Scientific American, All Blogs