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Kl 08:47 lördag 1 november Nyheter om Ryssland och Ukrainakriget ISIS och Ebola. Uppdateras kl 6, 9, 12 och 18 varje dag


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-˜Moscow ends up at risk with Ukraine gas agreement-™

It is not clear what Moscow gets out of a deal with Ukraine by selling gas below market price, and guaranteeing supplies to Europe while there are still sanctions and ...
Idag 07:24 Nyhetsmedier Panorama.am

Can Lviv Mayor Change Ukrainian Politics Once And For All?

In-Depth Coverage October 31, 2014 by Daisy Sindelar and Halyna Tereshchuk Andriy Sadovyy acts like a man with nothing to hide. In 2013, when the Lviv mayor purchased a new family home, he invited jou
Idag 07:21 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Russian Air Maneuvers Over Europe Pose Risk, Official Says

In-Depth Coverage By Nick Simeone DoD News, Defense Media Activity WASHINGTON, Oct. 31, 2014 - Russian military aircraft are continuing to fly stepped-up maneuvers over European airspace in what a Pen
Idag 07:21 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Hungry and cash-strapped Donetsk residents queue for food parcels

Outside the iconic football stadium in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, Yulia holds her four-year-old son Maxim by the hand as they wait for the food parcels to arrive. "I've never come to get humanitarian
Idag 07:17 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Malaysia Airlines sees first lawsuit on Flight MH370

Kuala Lumpur: Two children of a passenger on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 have sued the company and the Malaysian government for damages, the first lawsuit to be filed over the aircraft which disap
Idag 06:58 Nyhetsmedier Al-Rasub

Over 4,000 killed in Ukraine conflict

UN said in over six months there have been 4,035 deaths, more than 300 in the last 10 days alone, showing the fragility of a ceasefire reached in Sep.
Idag 06:30 Nyhetsmedier The Economics Times

Human remains found at Boeing crash site in eastern Ukraine - Dutch PM

Human remains have been discovered at the site of the recent Malaysian plane crash near the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Friday, TASS reported.Experts ...
Idag 06:22 Nyhetsmedier Panorama.am

US condemns eastern Ukraine separatist vote

The European Union and the transatlantic NATO alliance have also condemned tomorrow's leadership vote in Ukraine's Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
Idag 06:09 Nyhetsmedier The Economics Times

Vladimir Putin - vem är han egentligen

Deprimerad och lönnfet efter för mycket öldrickande var Vladimir Putin tvungen att återvända till hemlandet efter en halvt misslyckad utlandskarriär som spion. Med sig i bakluckan hade han en 20
Idag 05:30 Nyhetsmedier Icakuriren

Iran gas exports to Europe would take at least 5 years: experts

Iran would take at least five years to start exporting natural gas to the European Union if sanctions were removed, industry experts said. Last month, Reuters reported that the EU was increasing the u
Idag 05:23 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

Russia Extends Influence in Balkans as US Disengages: Senator

Vladimir Putin and Tomislav Nikolic at a military parade in Belgrade October 16, 2014. © REUTERS/ Marko Djurica 07:31 01/11/2014 Tags: Chris Murphy , United States , Russia Related News Pentagon Clai
Idag 05:02 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

Hungarian government temporarily withdraws Internet tax after mass protests

On Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban announced the temporary withdrawal of a planned Internet tax. The move came in the wake of demonstrations by 100,000 people in Budapest and 10 other Hu
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

Deadly SpaceShipTwo crash follows explosion of unmanned Antares rocket

The suborbital spacecraft VSS Enterprise, a SpaceShipTwo-class rocket, crashed in the Mojave Desert in the US during a test flight Friday, resulting in the death of one crew member and the injury of a
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

US Condemns Eastern Ukraine Separatist Vote

Idag 04:07 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

Ryssland och N Europa

100 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Saudi Arabia, UAE hailed for trying to close gender gap

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been named as two of the most improved countries in efforts to close the gender gap although both still remain near the bottom of a global list, according to the World Ec
Idag 08:07 Nyhetsmedier Arabian Business, World

Explained: 12 facts about Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time ends on November 2nd at 2 a.m., meaning the clocks go back an hour, and we get an extra hour of sleep! Here are 12 fun facts about the history of Daylight Saving Time: 12. IN CANA
Idag 06:00 Nyhetsmedier Calgary Sun News World

Iran wants sanctions lifted as part of nuclear deal

The announcement came amid intensifying efforts to conclude a definitive pact. The six powers in the talks with Iran - Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States plus Germany, known as the P5+1
Idag 05:33 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

New US general seeks China air safety dialogue

Gen. Lori Robinson said she anticipates a speaking engagement at China's biggest air show later this month will allow her to renew dialogue on the issue. "The dialogue is beginning. I think that's ver
Idag 05:18 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - World News

UN report condemns US government's "international criminal program of torture"

A recent report to the UN Committee Against Torture concludes that the US presidential administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama are responsible for far-reaching violations of international l
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

New US General Seeks China Air Safety Dialogue

BEIJING — Nov 1, 2014, 1:18 AM ET By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN Associated Press The U.S. Air Force's new commander in the Pacific said Saturday she's hoping to continue talks with China on avoiding dangero
Idag 01:19 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

Clague's team takes tuneup for World U-17

Defenceman Kale Clague was the only member of the Brandon Wheat Kings to get a win during World Under-17 Hockey Challenge exhibition play on Friday in Sarnia, Ont., and the surrounding area. Clague's
Idag 00:00 Nyhetsmedier Brandon Sun, Local Sports


50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Iraqi Kurds Join Syrian Kurds in Fight for Kobani

In-Depth Coverage by VOA News October 31, 2014 A convoy of 150 Iraqi Kurdish fighters have crossed from Turkey into Syria to bolster Syrian Kurds defending the city of Kobani from Islamic State milita
Idag 07:21 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Syria Increases Airstrikes on Rebels

In-Depth Coverage by Jamie Dettmer October 31, 2014 Syrian government forces have increased the tempo of air raids on rebel-held territory, striking combatants and civilians in what analysts and U.S.
Idag 07:21 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Security Council condemns ISIL's murder of Sunni tribesmen in Anbar

In-Depth Coverage 31 October 2014 - The Security Council this evening strongly condemned the kidnapping and murder by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists of "scores" of Sunni tribes
Idag 07:21 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Revolution's aftermath

Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Post A crowd gathers in Tunis, Tunisia, for a rally for Ennahda Party candidates running in the upcoming election. (BLOOMBERG THE WASHINGTON POST) TUNIS -- Tunis
Idag 07:06 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, World News

ISIL Plant Bombs Inside Iraqi Christian Villagers' Homes to Explode When They Return

A Christian who was one of the last to flee his village in the Nineveh Province of northern Iraq before ISIL terrorists captured it in August claims that ISIS militants are setting up explosives insid
Idag 07:06 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

ISLAMIC STATE Dreams of a short war are exactly that Add to ...

Idag 07:00 Nyhetsmedier The Globe And Mail

Iraqi peshmerga reinforcements arrive in Kobani

Some 150 Iraqi peshmerga fighters have crossed from Turkey into the Syrian border town of Kobani to help defend it against jihadist militants. They were backed by US-led airstrikes. Kurdish peshmerga
Idag 06:52 Nyhetsmedier DW.de

Families of Lebanese hostages united in despair

Beirut (AFP) - Outside Lebanon's government headquarters, where relatives of soldiers and police captured by jihadists have held a weeks-long sit-in, a message on a photograph reads: "We are waiting f
Idag 06:43 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Political

Skyll inte vanvett på skrifterna

De flesta koranläsarna lyckas behålla vettet lika väl som de flesta bibelläsarna. Samtidigt är Bibeln bitvis mörkare än Koranens mörkaste passager, skriver Martin Lembke, filosofie doktor i re
Idag 05:50 Nyhetsmedier Svenska Dagbladet

Air strikes fail to stem flow of foreign fighters to Syria

Foreign fighters continue pouring into Syria at a rate of more than 1,000 a month, a pace that has not changed despite the US-led air campaign against ISIS militants, the Washington Post reported late
Idag 05:33 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

UN cites militants from 80 countries in Iraq and Syria

Foreign militants from more than 80 countries have flocked to fight in Iraq and Syria on an "unprecedented scale", according to extracts of a UN report published by Britain's Guardian newspaper on Fri
Idag 05:33 Nyhetsmedier Gulf in the Media

BBC Sport (International version)

' + 'We\'re sorry but this article is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our ' + 'international service and is not funded by the license fee.' + ' '); $( ".story-body" ).show(); }); }); } } }
Idag 04:47 Nyhetsmedier BBC News, Latest


50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Misstänkt ebola tros vara malaria

Det som befarades vara Finlands första ebolafall verkar i stället vara malaria. Preliminära provsvar visar att den sjuke mannen inte har ebola. - Mannens tillstånd är stabilt. I vården beaktades
Idag 08:13 Nyhetsmedier Ystads Allehanda

Tove tar kampen mot ebolan

Nyheter Ebola stoppade toppekonomen Tove Strauss resor till Liberia. I stället drog hon i gång en insamling mot den fruktade smittan. Men i Sverige är det fler som ger "likes" på nätet än skänk
Idag 07:29 Nyhetsmedier Östermalmsnytt

World Bank President To Tackle Ebola Crisis In Accra

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim is expected in Accra today for meetings with Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur and other officials as part of talks on the global response to the Ebola crisis
Idag 07:28 Nyhetsmedier Peace fm Online

Investigators, Branson go to spacecraft crash site

Federal investigators, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson going to spacecraft crash site By Brian Melley, Associated Press 2 minutes ago ? ? ? ? Content preferences Done #Stencil .channel-applet-
Idag 07:26 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - US News

New Ebola Treatment Center Opens in Liberia

In-Depth Coverage by VOA News October 31, 2014 One of the largest Ebola treatment centers opened Friday in Liberia, as the death toll from the disease continues to rise in West Africa. Liberian Presid
Idag 07:21 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Ebola: UN envoy says response must be sustained 'until every last case is contained and treated'

In-Depth Coverage 31 October 2014 - The Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Ebola, David Nabarro, appealed today for the global response to the deadly virus to be sustained "until every last case is
Idag 07:21 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Amid Ebola scare, Canada restricts visas

Idag 07:19 Nyhetsmedier Stars And Stripes

Border Officials Fully Alert on Ghana’s Frontiers

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) at the Paga border in the Upper East Region is on high alert to contain any spill over from the disturbances currently ongoing in neighboring Burkina Faso. Personne
Idag 07:17 Nyhetsmedier Peace fm Online

Misstänkt finsk ebola tros vara malaria

Det som befarades vara Finlands första ebolafall verkar i stället vara malaria. Preliminära provsvar visar att den sjuke mannen inte har ebola. - Mannens tillstånd är stabilt. I vården beaktades
Idag 07:15 Nyhetsmedier SVT, Utrikes

Quotations in the News

"It's a real setback to the idea that lots of people are going to be taking joyrides into the fringes of outer space any time soon. There were a lot of people who believed that the technology to carry
Idag 07:11 Nyhetsmedier Associated Press, US

Dow and S&P 500 are back at record highs as US stock market ends a wild October with a surge

NEW YORK, N.Y. - For stock investors, there was no shortage of drama in October. Stocks started the month modestly below a record high, only to cascade to their worst slump in two years. But after fli
Idag 07:07 Nyhetsmedier Brandon Sun, Business News

Higgins trip to African countries

President Michael D Higgins is visiting three African countries over the next week. As part of the official state visits Mr Higgins will meet Ethiopia's president Mulatu Teshome and prime minister Hai
Idag 07:07 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

World relies on one company to fly Ebola patients

WASHINGTON -- When it comes to transporting Ebola victims by air, the world relies on just one U.S. company. Phoenix Air, a jet-charter service based in Cartersville, Ga., has flown 15 infected patien
Idag 07:05 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, World News

MSF: Ebola har utplånat byar

I Sierra Leone är ebolautbrottet långt värre än befarat, larmar en senior Läkare utan gränser-koordinator som rest i landet. 1 november 2014 kl 00:32, uppdaterad: 1 november 2014 kl 08:01 - Situ
Idag 07:02 Nyhetsmedier Svenska Dagbladet

Därför är det fel att klä ut sig till ebola-sköterskan

Ebolaviruset. Svärmor kom just hem från en resa till Sydafrika och berättar lyriskt om möten med elefanter. "Har du fått nån ebola då?" skämtar vi rått. Idiotiskt, sjukdomen existerar ju inte
Idag 06:59 Nyhetsmedier Aftonbladet

Mali: WHO Says Two Suspected Ebola Cases in Mali, 57 Contacts Sought

Geneva - World Health Organisation and U.S. Centers for Disease Control suspect that two people have Ebola disease after coming into contact with two-year old girl who died of it in Mali last week. An
Idag 06:59 Nyhetsmedier AllAfrica.com

Ebolaexperter: Kina är i riskzonen

Flera ebolaexperter är oroliga för Kina. De är rädda för att sjukdomen kan sprida sig vidare till världens folkrikaste land. - Det går inte att hindra folk från att resa, säger Peter Piot, ch
Idag 06:27 Nyhetsmedier Aftonbladet

CAF meet over Ebola-clouded Cup of Nations

© AFP/File Algeria's Islam Slimani (R) clashes with Malawi's goalkeeper during their 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium on October 15, 2014 in Blida Johannesb
Idag 06:25 Nyhetsmedier Reuters Business Insider

US judge says nurse can leave home in Ebola row

The decision from a district judge in the northeastern state of Maine is the latest twist in a bitter row over enforced quarantine of American medics returning from relief work in West Africa.
Idag 06:04 Nyhetsmedier The Economics Times

Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Free to Move About as Restrictions Eased

Idag 05:59 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

--> Latest News --> --> --> --> --> Government and politics --> Amid Ebola scare, Canada restricts visas

Idag 05:56 Nyhetsmedier The Big Story

Nurse free to move about as restrictions eased

FORT KENT, Maine (AP) - A nurse in who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone can move about as she pleases after a judge eased state-imposed restrictions on her, handing officials in Maine a defeat i
Idag 05:54 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Judge rejects Maine's attempt to restrict movements of nurse who defied Ebola quarantine

FORT KENT, Maine - A nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone can move about as she pleases after a judge eased state-imposed restrictions on her, handing officials in Maine a defeat in the na
Idag 05:30 Nyhetsmedier Times Colonist, News

BBC Sport (International version)

' + 'We\'re sorry but this article is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our ' + 'international service and is not funded by the license fee.' + ' '); $( ".story-body" ).show(); }); }); } } }
Idag 05:12 Nyhetsmedier BBC News, Latest

U.S. Ebola Survivors Tread Painful, Lonely Journeys

The varied experiences of people who have been treated trace the splintered path of Ebola in America.
Idag 05:02 Nyhetsmedier Wall Street Journal, About India

How North Korea is tackling Ebola

It started with a request to sworn enemies South Korea for emergency medical supplies to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Then came the news that Pyongyang was barring all tourists in its ef
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian, World

US election campaign staggers to the finish line

Four days before the November 4 mid-term elections in the US, there is a stark contradiction between the efforts of the Democratic and Republican parties to mobilize voters and the indifference and ou
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier World Socialist Web Site

Liberians form Ebola task force

Residents in parts of Liberia form their own task force to stop the spread of Ebola. Yiming Woo reports.
Idag 04:55 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, Video - Latest