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Kl 11:45 lördag 8 november Nyheter om Ryssland och Ukrainakriget ISIS och Ebola. Uppdateras kl 6, 9, 12 och 18 varje dag


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Pentagon Can't Confirm New Russian Deployment In Ukraine

The Pentagon's spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby, says he has "no independent operational reporting" to confirm Kyiv's claim that Russia sent an armored column into eastern Ukraine on November 6.
Idag 10:42 Nyhetsmedier Radio Liberty

Global markets could be headed into greater uncertainties

Dubai: Founded in 1999, CQS is a $14 billion (Dh51.42 billion) global multi-strategy asset management firm with over 260 staff located globally, 88 of whom are specialist investment professionals. CQS
Idag 10:34 Nyhetsmedier GulfNews.com, Business

Russia says US welcome to mediate Ukraine crisis

View Photo US Secretary of State John Kerry (R) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meet . View Photo A man carries his belongings outside his destroyed home following shelling in the . Russi
Idag 10:33 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

Ukraine rebels seen moving large military convoys in hint of possible renewed hostilities

Idag 10:13 Fackpress Neurope.eu, Humain Aid Development News

Kerry says U.S., Russia to exchange info on Ukraine crisis

BEIJING (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday that the United States and Russia had agreed to exchange information about the situation on the Russia-Ukraine border. Ukraine's
Idag 10:11 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

More Than 40,000 Ukrainian Refugees Remain in Russia: Emergencies Ministry

Topic:   Refugees From Ukraine Seek Shelter in Russia More than 40,000 Ukrainian refugees remain in temporary accommodation on the territory of Russia, the spokesperson for the Russian Emergencies Mi
Idag 10:10 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

Ukraine rebels seen moving large military convoys

SNIZHNE, Ukraine (AP) -- Associated Press reporters have seen more than 80 unmarked military vehicles on the move in rebel-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine, indicating that intensified hostilities
Idag 10:05 Nyhetsmedier Associated Press, World

--> Latest News --> --> --> --> --> General news --> Ukraine rebels seen moving large military convoys

Idag 10:02 Nyhetsmedier The Big Story

Why I'm staying in Afghanistan

Few people now move to Afghanistan to start a new life. Visitors once came for tourism or trade, but these days most arrive for work postings of a few months or a few years at most, to fight or delive
Idag 10:01 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

Amnesty calls for release of pro-HK activists before APEC summit

BEIJING Sat Nov 8, 2014 4:26am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Protesters open their umbrellas, symbols of pro-democracy movement, as they mark exactly one month since they took the streets in Hong K
Idag 09:26 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

Kerry says U.S., Russia to exchange info on Ukraine border

BEIJING Sat Nov 8, 2014 3:26am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Related News Ukraine accuses Russia of sending in tanks, escalating crisis Fri, Nov 7 2014 UPDATE 8-U.S. oil hits longest weekly losing
Idag 08:26 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

Så ska Sverige hjälpa till i ebolakampen

Statsministern diskuterade ebola med FN:s vice generalsekreterare Stefan Löfven har träffat Jan Eliasson och diskuterat ebola. Sverige är en av de största bidragsgivarna - men statsministern vill
Idag 08:10 Nyhetsmedier Aftonbladet

Ukraine Rebels Seen Moving Large Military Convoys

SNIZHNE, Ukraine — Nov 8, 2014, 5:01 AM ET Associated Press reporters have seen more than 80 unmarked military vehicles on the move in rebel-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine, indicating that inte
Idag 05:01 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

Ryssland och N Europa

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US think-tank says Iran may have violated nuclear deal with powers

Iran's development of advanced enrichment centrifuges is sensitive because, if successful, it could enable it to produce potential nuclear bomb material at a rate several times that of the decades-old
Idag 10:37 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Top Stories

Iran's uranium stockpile grows before deadline for nuclear deal

By Fredrik Dahl VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran 's stockpile of low-enriched uranium gas has grown by 8 percent to nearly 8.4 tonnes in about two months, U.N. atomic inspectors say, an amount world powers pro
Idag 10:11 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

US: Iran nuclear deal not linked to other issues

BEIJING (AP) -- The top U.S. diplomat described "real gaps" Saturday in waning negotiations to limit Iran's nuclear program, but steadfastly denied that any deal struck would also bring a promise of s
Idag 10:05 Nyhetsmedier Associated Press, World

Kerry: Russia 'Constructive Partner' in Addressing Iran's Nuclear Problem

Topic:   Iran's nuclear program US Secretary of State Kerry voiced hope that the deal on Iran's nuclear program would be reached "over the course of next weeks." © REUTERS/ Jacquelyn Martin 12:46 08
Idag 10:00 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

When communism rolled over and died

In China, the Communists had just massacred the students in Tiananmen Square and won themselves another quarter-century in power. On the other hand, the Poles voted overwhelmingly for Solidarity in Ju
Idag 09:08 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, Opinion -  View From The West

You Again: Canada, U.S. to meet in final of Four Nations Cup tournament

KAMLOOPS, B.C. - Natalie Spooner thinks about it a lot, the game crosses Brianne Jenner's mind every so often, and Haley Irwin wants to move on. Canada's dramatic come-from-behind 3-2 overtime victory
Idag 00:09 Nyhetsmedier Times Colonist, News


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Belgium chocolate maker ISIS changes its name after drop in sales

The Belgium chocolate maker ISIS Chocolates has changed its name to Libeert after the company experienced a slump in sales due to its name association with the Islamic terrorist ...
Idag 11:22 Nyhetsmedier Panorama.am

Houthi expansion puts Yemen on edge of civil war

By Mohammed Ghobari and Sami Aboudi SANAA/DUBAI (Reuters) - An advance into Yemen's Sunni Muslim heartland by Shi'ite Houthi fighters has galvanised support for al Qaeda among some Sunnis, deepening t
Idag 10:22 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Supporters of slain Myanmar journalist demand investigation

By Paul Mooney YANGON Sat Nov 8, 2014 4:54am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Than Dar, the wife of slain journalist Par Gyi, holds a family photograph showing herself, her husband and daughter posing
Idag 09:54 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

19-year-old fighter from Kobani buried in Turkey

SURUC, Turkey---It was an easy decision to make. Barely out of school, Perwin Mustafa Dihap wanted to follow in the footsteps of three of her older siblings and go to war. Before long, she was on the
Idag 09:47 Nyhetsmedier Inquirer.net

Obama to seek new powers from Congress

WASHINGTON---President Barack Obama said Wednesday he would work with Congress on new war powers to fight Islamic State militants and expressed cautious optimism about whether the international face-o
Idag 09:47 Nyhetsmedier Inquirer.net

Insight - Houthi expansion puts Yemen on edge of civil war

By Mohammed Ghobari and Sami Aboudi SANAA/DUBAI (Reuters) - An advance into Yemen's Sunni Muslim heartland by Shi'ite Houthi fighters has galvanised support for al Qaeda among some Sunnis, deepening t
Idag 09:42 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

Obama and GOP lawmakers break bread but not ice

WASHINGTON (AP) - Disagreement wasn't supposed to be on the menu at the White House luncheon designed to bring together President Barack Obama and Republicans who will soon control the next Congress.
Idag 09:29 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Officials: Suicide attack kills 8 in northern Iraq

BAGHDAD (AP) - Authorities in Iraq say a suicide truck bomb attack has killed eight people, including a senior police officer. Police officials said Saturday that the attack happened late Friday when
Idag 09:26 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Iraq

U.S. to dispatch more troops to Iraq

Vadim Ghirda / the associated press A mourner flashes a victory sign during a funeral for 19-year-old Syrian Kurdish fighter Perwin Mustafa Dihap, who died after being wounded during fighting against
Idag 09:09 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, World News

Nigeria: Anti-Terror Strategy Isn't Working

By Max Borowski Nigeria's ceasefire with Boko Haram has petered out, military offensives aginst the Islamist militants are ineffectual. President Jonathan is doing nothing to halt their advance, Niger
Idag 08:58 Nyhetsmedier AllAfrica.com

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Saturday 8 Nov 2014

OSBORNE 'SPIN' OVER EU BUDGET 'VICTORY' George Osborne has been accused of misleading the public over his claim that he has halved the UK's £1.7bn EU budget surcharge. Labour says the chancellor's cl
Idag 08:57 Nyhetsmedier First Post

Expanded US role in Iraq? Not without Congress' OK

WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress members returning to Capitol Hill next week will face a debate over President Barack Obama's new $5.6 billion plan to expand the U.S. mission in Iraq and send up to 1,500 mo
Idag 08:48 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Kerry says no link between Iran talks, other Middle East issues

The United States has already rejected a proposal floated by Iranian officials in which Tehran would cooperate in the fight against Islamic State forces in exchange for flexibility on its nuclear prog
Idag 08:35 Nyhetsmedier Reuters

After years, authorities say family killed at home

By GILLIAN FLACCUS 11 minutes ago ? ? ? ? Content preferences Done #Stencil .channel-applet-wrap .vp-container #Stencil .channel-applet-wrap #ym-player #Stencil .channel-applet-wrap .current.pl-marker
Idag 08:23 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - US News

Sieren's China: Two Birds with One Afghanistan

The newly burgeoning relationship between China and Afghanistan is of mutual benefit, says DW columnist Frank Sieren. If you want to see who is Afghanistan's new friend, all you have to do is look at
Idag 08:05 Nyhetsmedier DW.de

Meet the Kurdish women fighting the Islamic State

Shamal Ahmad at the General Command of the peshmerga base outside Sulaimaniya   Photo: Anastasia Taylor-Lind By Sally Williams 8:00AM GMT 08 Nov 2014 The town of Taza Khurmatu is about eight miles so
Idag 08:00 Nyhetsmedier Telegraph

Syrians and Iraqi refugees fleeing Islamic State militants resettling in Australia on humanitarian visas

More than 1,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees are resettling in Australia after being granted special humanitarian visas, but this is just a fraction of the estimated number of those forced from their hom
Idag 06:58 Nyhetsmedier ABC Australia Australia

Officials: Suicide Attack Kills 8 in Northern Iraq

BAGHDAD — Nov 8, 2014, 4:26 AM ET By SAMEER N. YACOUB Associated Press Authorities in Iraq say a suicide truck bomb attack has killed eight people, including a senior police officer. Police official
Idag 04:26 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

Obama and GOP Lawmakers Break Bread but Not Ice

WASHINGTON — Nov 8, 2014, 4:10 AM ET By MATTHEW DALY Associated Press President Barack Obama meets with Congressional leaders in the Old Family Dining Room of the White House in Washington, Friday,
Idag 04:12 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

US: Iran Nuclear Deal Not Linked to Other Issues

BEIJING — Nov 8, 2014, 3:36 AM ET By LARA JAKES AP National Security Writer U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrives to give a press conference at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meet
Idag 03:37 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

Expanded US Role in Iraq? Not Without Congress' OK

WASHINGTON — Nov 8, 2014, 3:28 AM ET By LOLITA C. BALDOR Associated Press President Barack Obama speaks to the media before a meeting with his cabinet members in the White House Cabinet Room in Wash
Idag 03:29 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews


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Ebola outbreak: MSF confirms case decline in Liberia

Liberia has seen a significant reduction in the number of new Ebola cases, the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has confirmed, according to the BBC.It said one of its ...
Idag 11:00 Nyhetsmedier Panorama.am

Reporters - Liberia: The daily threat of Ebola

Idag 10:17 Nyhetsmedier france24.com Europe

Plumber's self-imposed quarantine nears end

Winnipeg plumber Garth Tohms took part in a Red Cross mission to Sierra Leone where he came into close contact with people infected with the Ebola virus. (SUBMITTED PHOTO) How to help Red Cross West A
Idag 10:04 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, Local News

Så går medicinbluffen till

Kolloidalt silver förbjöds som kosttillskott 2010 - kroppen kan ta skada, enligt medicinsk expertis. I stället har tillverkaren Ion Silver i Löddeköpinge officiellt klassat om sitt medel Ionosil
Idag 10:04 Nyhetsmedier Helsingborgs Dagblad

Prayers, tears in Philippines one year after super typhoon

© AFP Ted Aljibe A woman grieves during a memorial ceremony marking the first anniversary of Super Typhoon Haiyan, at a mass grave in the village of Vasper, Tacloban City, central Philippines on Nove
Idag 09:53 Nyhetsmedier Reuters Business Insider

Yemen president sacked from party leadership

© AFP Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi is dismissed from the leadership of his party Sanaa (AFP) - Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi was dismissed Saturday from the leadership of his party,
Idag 09:43 Nyhetsmedier Reuters Business Insider

Ebola death toll nears 5 000

Idag 09:30 Nyhetsmedier News24 Africa

Two Patients Hospitalized in Japan Test Negative for Ebola: Health Ministry

Topic:   Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Two people who were hospitalized in Japan on Ebola suspicion on Friday, tested negative for the deadly virus disease, Japan's Health Ministry said Saturday. ©
Idag 09:29 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

Christian Jessen: 'When I started giving advice on Twitter, other doctors gave me grief'

On Embarrassing Bodies , you seem unembarrassable. What does embarrass you? From the medical point of view, nothing. But in a non-medical way, I definitely become embarrassed. If you are on television
Idag 08:39 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

APEC cautiously supports China-backed free-trade zone

© AFP Greg Baker Chinese paramilitary march past the hall used for the APEC CEO Summit at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing on November 8, 2014 Beijing (AFP) - A Pacific Rim summit on S
Idag 08:28 Nyhetsmedier Reuters Business Insider

Decision day looms for Nations Cup hosts Morocco

By Mark Gleeson CAPE TOWN, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Morocco will make a decision this weekend over whether to stage the 2015 African Nations Cup, juggling the threat of a possible spread of the Ebola virus w
Idag 08:16 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Health

Scientist hopes to unlock Ebola's secrets at outbreak's source

By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) - Etienne Simon-Loriere of the Pasteur Institut in Paris has his fingers crossed. He is heading to West Africa on Sunday to inspect blood samples gathered from E
Idag 08:09 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Science

Ebola death toll rises to 4,950 - WHO

GENEVA (Reuters) - The death toll from the Ebola epidemic has risen to 4,950 out of 13,241 cases in the three worst-hit countries of West Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday, ca
Idag 08:02 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Health

Ecowas pleads for new Ebola plan

Idag 08:01 Nyhetsmedier News24 Africa

Burkina main players consider transition plan

© AFP/File Issouf Sanogo Isaac Zida (L), named by Burkina Faso's army as interim leader, sits before a press conference on November 6, 2014 in Ouagadougou Ouagadougou (AFP) - Burkina Faso's political
Idag 07:58 Nyhetsmedier Reuters Business Insider

Physics Week in Review: November 8, 2014

It was a big week for physics in the movies, with the premiere of Interstellar , and the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything . That translates into lots of pixels commenting on the science
Idag 05:09 Bloggar Scientific American, All Blogs