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Kl 11:45 onsdag 10 december Nyheter om Ryssland och Ukrainakriget ISIS och Ebola. Uppdateras kl 6, 9, 12 och 18 varje dag


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Russian PM Medvedev says Crimea is Russia's destiny

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday the return of Crimea, annexed from Ukraine earlier this year, was Russia's destiny, echoing President Vladimir Putin's remarks. "Cri
Idag 10:29 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - World News

Record numbers trying and dying to reach Europe: UN

Geneva (AFP) - More than 3,400 people have died in the Mediterranean this year trying to reach Europe, the UN refugee agency said Wednesday, urging governments to take more action to save lives. More
Idag 10:22 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Iraq

Philippine blast that killed 10 aimed at derailing peace deal, say army officials

MANILA Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:17am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Related News Ukraine accuses rebels of violating 'Day of Silence'; Russian gas flows resume Tue, Dec 9 2014 Bomb blast kills nine in bus
Idag 10:17 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

Russian Pop Stars Pay A Price For Speaking Out On Ukraine

Russian performers who have criticized the country's role in Ukraine have been denounced on TV programs and had concert dates abruptly canceled.
Idag 09:50 Nyhetsmedier NPR

Ryssland hjälper Indien att bygga nya kärnkraftverk

Ökar antalet reaktorer Ryssland och Indien har enats om utöka antalet kärnreaktorer i detta sydasiatiska land till 20-24 från de nuvarande 14 till 16 enheterna. Det är Indien som har begärt ökn
Idag 09:47 Fackpress Energinyheter.se

Russian PM Medvedev says sanctions harmful for both Russia and West

MOSCOW Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:32am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev addresses the media during the 9th East Asia Summit (EAS) in Naypyitaw November 13, 2014. Credit:
Idag 09:32 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

Netrebko criticized for posing with Ukrainian rebel flag

Russian soprano Anna Netrebko has ruffled feathers after being photographed with the flag of pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists and making a donation to the opera house in Donetsk. Anna Netrebko,
Idag 09:30 Nyhetsmedier DW.de

Räntor & Valutor: Något lägre räntor, inflationsförväntningar sjunker

2014-12-10 09:23 (SIX) De svenska obligationsräntorna har inlett onsdagens handel med marginella nedgångar, i linje med räntorna i omvärlden. På valutamarknaden försvagades euron och kronan rel
Idag 09:23 Nyhetsmedier Aktiespararna, Börsnyheter

The 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now

REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee Supporters of Aam Aadmi (Common Man) Party (AAP) shout slogans as they participate in a candle light vigil during a protest against the rape of a female passenger, in New De
Idag 09:11 Nyhetsmedier Silicon Alley Insider

Russia's burgeoning ISIL problem

Moscow, Russia -  With plunging oil prices, economic sanctions, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and a weakening ruble, the Russian government already had a lot to worry about. Now ISIL has joined thi
Idag 09:11 Nyhetsmedier Al Jazeera, In Depth

Mysterious Spate of Bombings Hit Ukraine Military Hub

Idag 09:09 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

Chechens loyal to Russia fight alongside east Ukraine rebels

By Maria Tsvetkova OUTSIDE OF DONETSK, Ukraine (Reuters) - Chanting "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest), dozens of armed men in camouflage uniforms from Russia's republic of Chechnya train in snow in a c
Idag 08:51 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

UK growth forecast downgraded by British Chambers of Commerce

A business group has downgraded its forecast for UK growth this year in what it said was a warning sign in the struggle to achieve a sustained recovery. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) expects
Idag 08:45 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

IMF varnar för finansiell kollaps i Ukraina

Landet bedöms behöva ytterligare 15 miljarder dollar utöver vad som tidigare utlovats i räddningspaket, för att undvika betalningsinställelse. Det framgår av Financial Times. Annons: "Vårt huv
Idag 08:39 Nyhetsmedier Dagens Industri

Tony Abbott's 'shirtfront' is Australia's word of the year

Sydney: "Shirtfront", an aggressive Australian sports term used by Prime Minister Tony Abbott to challenge Russia's Vladimir Putin, was on Wednesday picked as the National Dictionary Centre's word of
Idag 08:38 Nyhetsmedier GulfNews, News

Ukraina: IMF varnar för finansiell kollaps, 15 mdr USD till behövs

2014-12-10 08:36 (SIX) Den internationella valutafonden IMF varnar för en finansiell kollaps i Ukraina. Landet bedöms behöva ytterligare 15 miljarder dollar utöver vad som tidigare utlovats i rä
Idag 08:36 Nyhetsmedier Aktiespararna, Börsnyheter

Russia, India - RusInd

Russian President Putin who will be visiting India on December 11, 2014, has been invited to address a joint session of Parliament. This unusual / sudden (there was no hint of it even up-to G-20 meeti
Idag 08:32 Nyhetsmedier Pravda.ru

EU leaders to pledge more Ukraine money, threaten Russia sanctions

BRUSSELS - The EU is prepared to inject more money into Ukraine and to impose further sanctions on Russia if need be, draft summit conclusions say. The provisional text - agreed by EU states ambassado
Idag 08:29 Fackpress Observer.com Headlines News

Premature interest rate rise a huge risk, BCC warns

A premature interest rate rise could present a "huge risk" to the British economy, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has warned. The business lobby group said the UK's dependence on consumer spen
Idag 07:57 Nyhetsmedier BBC News

Varnar för finansiell kollaps i Ukraina

Den internationella valutafonden IMF varnar för en finansiell kollaps i Ukraina. Landet bedöms behöva ytterligare 15 miljarder dollar utöver vad som tidigare utlovats i räddningspaket, för att u
Idag 07:54 Nyhetsmedier Aktiespararna, Börsnotiser

Längsta vapenvilan hittills i östra Ukraina

I östra Ukraina och Donetsk utlystes på tisdagen en dygnslång vapenvila. Enligt Yles Ukrainakorrespondent, Kerstin Kronvall, har vapenvilan hållit bra, trots rapporter om sporadisk skottlossning.
Idag 07:50 Nyhetsmedier YLE Internytt

Ett steg på vägen mot reformer

DEBATT: Associeringsavtal Isolering har aldrig lett till demokrati och ekonomisk utveckling. Avtalen är ett stort steg i rätt riktning och ger en grund för en positiv utveckling, skriver Margareta
Idag 05:00 Nyhetsmedier Nya Wermlands Tidning

'Day of Silence' in eastern Ukraine reportedly shattered by shelling

Officials in Kyiv claim a so-called 'Day of Silence' in the war-ravaged east of Ukraine has not been respected. Many Ukrainians saw the temporary suspension of combat operations in Donbass as a steppi
Igår 21:52 Nyhetsmedier Euronews - World News

Ryssland och Europa

100 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

21st member of G20: Azerbaijan - ANALYSIS

Baku -“ APA . 2015 is expected to be a year of severe economic and financial crisis. Rapid drop in oil prices, the banking sector facing serious problems in leading states, and imbalance in the worl
Idag 10:28 Nyhetsmedier Apa.az

Russian Pop Stars Pay A Price For Speaking Out On Ukraine

The Russia pop group Televizor has criticized Russia's involvement in Ukraine. Here, front man Mikhail Borzykin performs at a 2011 show in St. Petersburg. At some concerts he sings, 'Putin is a fascis
Idag 08:43 Nyhetsmedier The Two-Way, World


50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Iraq preparing to liberate Mosul from ISIS

Baghdad has transferred its first shipment of arms to the forces fighting the so-called "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh, in preparation for a militar
Idag 10:55 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

Israel rejects Amnesty war crime claim

Amnesty International has claimed that Israeli air strikes against four high-rise buildings in Gaza during the summer amounted to "war crimes". The al-Basha Tower complex - which housed around 30 flat
Idag 10:52 Nyhetsmedier Jewish Chronicle

French hostage held by al-Qaida returns home

VILLACOUBLAY, France (AP) -- President Francois Hollande, welcoming a freed hostage home, urged French citizens not to travel to areas where they risk being kidnapped. Serge Lazarevic, held captive fo
Idag 10:18 Nyhetsmedier Associated Press, World

David Cameron and Recep Erdogan agree 'Jihadi' hotline to deal with returning British Isil fighters

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has agreed to provide more help to track British Jihadis   Photo: AFP tag --> By Christopher Hope , Ankara 9:24AM GMT 10 Dec 2014 Follow Comments Britain and Turkey have agreed t
Idag 10:00 Nyhetsmedier Telegraph

Syrian Militant Group Offer Joint Strike against ISIS

The leader of a Saudi-backed militant group has hinted at taking sides with the Syrian government against ISIL terrorists, PRESS TV reports. Zahran Alloush, who heads the so-called Jaysh al-Islam grou
Idag 09:53 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

CIA torture report: global reaction roundup

Supporters of the Washington Region Religious Campaign Against Torture hold a rally to 'demand congressional action to stop torture'. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images The UN has led internati
Idag 09:41 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian, US

More than 700 Iraqi Kurds killed since june

Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region has said that more than 700 members of its armed forces have been killed in the conflict against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group since June. A statemen
Idag 09:41 Nyhetsmedier Al Jazeera

US doesn-™t intend to go to war with Bashar al Assad -“ Kerry

Baku - APA . "The United States does not intend to go to war with Syrian President Bashar al Assad," Secretary of State John Kerry said at the hearings in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, APA r
Idag 09:37 Nyhetsmedier Apa.az

'Islamic State May Exploit Pakistan's Sectarian Divide to Recruit': Report

Idag 09:09 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

More Than 700 Iraqi Kurd Fighters Killed Since June Islamic State Offensive

Idag 09:04 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

ISIS Issued Mandate for Slavery + Video

So-called "Islamic State" militants fighting in Syria and Iraq have been provided with a chilling list of dos and don'ts explaining how to treat the thousands of slaves held in the terror group's pris
Idag 09:00 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

Obama confronts Bush legacy with report's release

WASHINGTON (AP) - For President Barack Obama, the long-delayed release of a scathing Senate report on harsh CIA interrogations underscores the degree to which the legacy of George W. Bush's national s
Idag 08:45 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Hagel to Iraqis: US firepower is not the answer

BAGHDAD (AP) - As the first American defense secretary to visit Iraq since the U.S. officially ended its long war three years ago, Chuck Hagel's message to Iraqi leaders was plain: U.S. military power
Idag 08:45 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Muslim breakaway group blamed for deadly Philippine bombing

Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group are suspected of carrying out a bus bombing that claimed 10 lives, the military said Wednesday. A milit
Idag 08:45 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

Three Syrian journalists killed in missile attack: CPJ

BEIRUT Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:35am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Related News Israel strikes near the Syrian capital: Syrian TV Sun, Dec 7 2014 Syria says repels Islamic State attack on air base Sat, D
Idag 08:35 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

US Congress negotiators agree deal on $1.1 trillion spending bill

US lawmakers have agreed a spending bill ahead of a deadline later this week, avoiding a possible government shutdown. As the cutoff loomed, Republicans negotiated the easing of environmental and deri
Idag 08:24 Nyhetsmedier DW.de

Major provisions of $1.1 trillion spending bill

Top lawmakers Tuesday released a massive 1,603-page, $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill funding every government agency but the Homeland Security Department through Sept. 30, 2015. The measure also c
Idag 08:17 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Political

Sondheim "Assassins" revival hits the mark in London

By Michael Roddy LONDON Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:04am EST Tweet Share this Email Print Cast member Aaron Tveit speaks during the panel for the USA Network television series ''Graceland'' at the 2013 Winter
Idag 08:04 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, Entertainment

Pardon Bush and those who tortured

Before president George W. Bush left office, a group of conservatives lobbied the White House to grant pardons to the officials who had planned and authorized the United States torture program. My org
Idag 08:02 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, Opinion -  View From The West

Serial makes detectives of us all

Resifting the evidence: Sarah Koenig's (centre) Serial is now on Radio 4 Extra   tag --> By Gillian Reynolds 7:00AM GMT 10 Dec 2014 Comments Serial , a weekly broadcast on American Public Radio, has
Idag 07:00 Nyhetsmedier Telegraph

French Hostage Held by Al-Qaida Returns Home

VILLACOUBLAY, France — Dec 10, 2014, 5:07 AM ET President Francois Hollande , welcoming a freed hostage home, urged French citizens not to travel to areas where they risk being kidnapped. Serge Laza
Idag 05:08 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

Hagel to Iraqis: US Firepower Is Not the Answer

BAGHDAD — Dec 10, 2014, 3:20 AM ET By ROBERT BURNS AP National Security Writer Chuck Hagel is the first American defense secretary to visit Iraq since the U.S. officially ended its long war three ye
Idag 03:21 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

Major Provisions of $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

Dec 10, 2014, 3:17 AM ET By The Associated Press Top lawmakers Tuesday released a massive 1,603-page, $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill funding every government agency but the Homeland Security Depa
Idag 03:17 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews


50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Ebola: outbreak in West Africa still out of control, warns WHO

Credits:  CELLOU BINANI/AFP/Getty Alt Text:  Ebola health workers in Guinea Death toll from Ebola continues to rise as the organisation admits it 'failed to see the writing on the wall' Advertisemen
Idag 11:13 Nyhetsmedier First Post

Africa: Congress Must Directly Fund Hospitals to Ensure Ebola Doesn't Devastate the US

press release Congress Must View Ebola Threat as a National Security Issue and Provide full funding to fight Ebola on the home front and in Africa The Constituency for Africa today called on Congress
Idag 10:29 Nyhetsmedier AllAfrica.com

Ebola: Who Bears the Cost of Keeping Us Safe? | Commentary

Idag 10:22 Nyhetsmedier Roll Call

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Wednesday 10 Dec 2014

UN: PROSECUTE CIA FOR USING TORTURE The UN and human rights groups have called for the CIA operatives who used what Barack Obama has admitted was torture on suspected members of al-Qaeda to be prosecu
Idag 09:17 Nyhetsmedier First Post

Ebola still 'flaming' in parts of Sierra Leone, Guinea

Idag 09:01 Nyhetsmedier News24 Africa

Ebola diary: 'Medical staff are in emotional danger, but they can still joke'

Idag 09:00 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian, Development

Regional Business Information for the North West

CONSUMER products group PZ Cussons has seen volatility in parts of Nigeria knock first half profits.The Manchester company, famous for brands such as Imperial Leather and fake tanning product St Trope
Idag 08:25 Nyhetsmedier Business Desk North West

West Africa: Ebola Countries End Cross Border Meeting

By Ethel A. Tweh The three most affected Ebola Countries in West Africa, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have ended a cross border meeting in the Liberian capital, Monrovia. Liberia's Assistant Healt
Idag 08:14 Nyhetsmedier AllAfrica.com

Little Christmas cheer in economies shattered by Ebola

Normally the most lucrative time of year, the festive season has been transformed into a month of anxiety and boredom for thousands of traders in Liberia and Sierra Leone. "Usually, every year from De
Idag 08:08 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - World News

Band Aid nobbade Paul McCartney

09:11 onsdag 10 December 2014 Kommentera Den nya Band Aid-singeln, som ska samla in pengar till kampen mot ebola, är en jättesuccé. Mängder av brittiska artister medverkar på låten -“ bland
Idag 07:11 Nyhetsmedier Allanyheter