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Russia's Gazprom receives prepayment from Ukraine for gas supplies

Russian natural gas producer Gazprom said on Saturday it had received a prepayment of $378.22 million from Ukraine for natural gas supplies, paving the
Idag 10:51 Nyhetsmedier Marine Link

Five civilians killed in fresh east Ukraine violence

Five civilians have been killed in fresh violence in eastern Ukraine, where more explosions and gunfire rang out on Sunday, two days before the start of a planned truce, officials said. Three civilian
Idag 10:34 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

BBC Sport (International version)

' + 'We\'re sorry but this article is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our ' + 'international service and is not funded by the license fee.' + ' '); $( ".story-body" ).show(); }); }); } } }
Idag 10:32 Nyhetsmedier BBC News, Latest

Cook fill-in Taylor lifts England to 265 in Colombo

© AFP Ishara S.Kodikara England's James Taylor plays a shot as Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara watches during the fourth ODI in Colombo on December 7, 2014 Colombo (AFP) - James Taylor missed a maiden o
Idag 09:58 Nyhetsmedier Reuters Business Insider

French President Meets With Putin In Moscow

December 06, 2014 by RFE/RL French President Francois Hollande made a stopover visit to Russia and met briefly with President Vladimir Putin to discuss the crisis in neighboring Ukraine. Details of th
Idag 08:46 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

USA: Protest over chokehold decision turns violent

A protest over the death of Eric Garner turned violent in Berkeley, Calif. on Saturday when masked protesters smashed windows and threw objects at police, authorities said. Some protesters broke busin
Idag 08:40 Nyhetsmedier Al-Rasub

Gazprom Confirms $378 Million Ukraine Prepayment

In-Depth Coverage December 06, 2014 by RFE/RL Russia's Gazprom has confirmed it has received a prepayment of $378 million from Ukrainian state energy firm Naftogaz for gas shipments in December. Russi
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Putin Hopes for New Ceasefire Deal to End Armed Conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Sputnik News In-Depth Coverage 18:58 06.12.2014(updated 21:07 06.12.2014) Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that Kiev, Donetsk and Luhansk will be able to find mutually acceptable solutions, whic
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Putin hopes for new deal on Ukraine ceasfire

Iran Press TV In-Depth Coverage Sat Dec 6, 2014 5:17PM GMT Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed hope that a new deal would be reached for the implementation of ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Ukraine ceasefire talks to begin in Minsk: President

Iran Press TV In-Depth Coverage Sat Dec 6, 2014 5:9PM GMT Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he is sending an envoy to a crucial round of peace talks with pro-Russian fighters on implementing v
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Mistral Deal Still Afloat? Russia Expects France to Honor Contract

Sputnik News In-Depth Coverage 18:40 06.12.2014(updated 20:48 06.12.2014) Russian President Vladimir Putin expects that the Mistral-class helicopter carriers' delivery contract will be fulfilled. MOSC
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

US Hesitation to Deliver Arms to Ukraine 'Shame and Dishonor': McCain

Sputnik News In-Depth Coverage 02:19 06.12.2014(updated 12:24 06.12.2014) US Republican Senator John McCain claimed that the United States' unwillingness to send weapons to the Ukrainian army is a 'gr
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Ryssland och Europa

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Hosszu and Manadou each claim another World Record

Katinka Hosszu continued her World Record breaking streak by setting her fourth in the women's 200m Individual Medley. Her swim was one that displayed pure dominance as she led from start to finish, c
Idag 08:50 Nyhetsmedier Euronews - World News

The global baby name game - does Muhammad top other nations' lists?

Last week, it was widely announced that the most popular boy's name for babies born in the UK this year was - cue some mild spluttering in the rightwing press - Muhammad (for girls it was Sophia). It
Idag 08:45 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

Iran R&D of Uranium Enrichment Still Firmly in Place: Reports

Sputnik News 21:40 06.12.2014(updated 22:02 06.12.2014) The process of research and development in uranium enrichment activities is underway routinely and normally, according to the statement of sourc
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Biden: Chance of Nuclear Deal With Iran is Less Than 50-50

by VOA News December 06, 2014 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says the chances of completing a nuclear deal with Iran are less than half, but there's still a chance. At a Mideast forum Saturday at Washi
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Iran Nuclear Deal Can Be Reached Without Additional Sanctions: Biden

Sputnik News In-Depth Coverage 00:23 07.12.2014 US Vice President Joe Biden said that it is not the right time to introduce new sanctions against Tehran as there is still a chance for a breakthrough i
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Biden rejects calls for more sanctions on Iran

Iran Press TV Sat Dec 6, 2014 11:16PM GMT The US vice president has rejected calls for more sanctions against Iran over the Islamic Republic's nuclear energy program. 'This is not the time to risk a b
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Estonian Military Says Russian Air Force Planes Flying Over Baltic Sea

Sputnik News In-Depth Coverage 18:19 06.12.2014(updated 19:28 06.12.2014) A lot of Russian Air Force planes flying to Russia's Kaliningrad region have been observed in the international airspace over
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org


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Attack on police station in Iraq kills 9 people

BAGHDAD (AP) - Militants attacked a police station in an Iraqi village north of Baghdad, killing at least nine people Sunday, officials said. The attack started at dawn with a suicide car bomber hitti
Idag 10:16 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

British Isis hostage David Haines' widow: 'I have not told our daughter the truth about her father'

The wife of beheaded British aid worker David Haines branded Isis as "cowards" while saying that she has yet to tell their four-year-old daughter about what really happened to her father. Dragana Hain
Idag 09:49 Nyhetsmedier Independent, Uk

Police betrayed me, says mother of British jihadist jailed for 12 years after she turned him in

Mother of British jihadist Yusuf Sarwar says she was betrayed by the police Majida Sarwar, from Birmingham, tipped off police when son went to Syria 22-year-old travelled to war zone with friend Moham
Idag 09:48 Nyhetsmedier Daily Mail

IS killers 'monsters and cowards'

The widow of a British aid worker murdered by Islamic State (IS) extremists has branded his killers "cowards".
Idag 09:14 Nyhetsmedier Yorkshire Evening Press

US, South African Hostages Killed in Yemen Rescue Attempt

In-Depth Coverage by VOA News December 06, 2014 An American photojournalist and a South African teacher were killed during a U.S.-led rescue attempt on Saturday in Yemen. U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck
Idag 08:46 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Rescue Mission 'Quick, But Thorough' Official Says

In-Depth Coverage By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity ROTA, Spain, Dec. 6, 2014 - The operation to rescue a U.S. hostage in Yemen was quickly but thoroughly planned, a senior U.S. militar
Idag 08:46 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

ISIL terrorists execute 16 Sunnis in western Iraq

Iran Press TV In-Depth Coverage Sat Dec 6, 2014 4:57PM GMT ISIL Takfiri militants have abducted and killed 16 members of an Iraqi tribe, which has been fighting the terror group in the western provinc
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

Britain reopens Bahrain navy base after 40 yrs - to fight ISIS

In-Depth Coverage Published time: December 06, 2014 11:08 The UK is returning to its naval base in Bahrain, a former British protectorate, after more than 40 years. The base will serve as the main Bri
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

UK to Establish Permanent Military Base in Bahrain: Foreign Secretary

Sputnik News In-Depth Coverage 15:29 06.12.2014(updated 16:07 06.12.2014) The base, to be set up at the Mina Salman port of Bahrain, will host ships, destroyers and aircraft carriers, as well as help
Idag 08:37 Fackpress GlobalSecurity.org

'ISIS killers are monsters and cowards': Heartbreak of beheaded British aid worker David Haines's widow as she brands terrorists 'sub-human'...

The widow of a British aid worker murdered by Islamic State extremists has branded his killers 'cowards'. Dragana Haines, whose husband David was killed by the militants in a graphic video posted onli
Idag 08:14 Nyhetsmedier Daily Mail

No plan to expand airstrikes: Baird

John Baird (CP) MANAMA, Bahrain -- Canada has no plans to follow its neighbour the United States in expanding airstrikes against the Islamic State group into Syria, the country's top diplomat said Sat
Idag 08:02 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, World News

'ISIS killers are monsters and cowards': Heartbreak of beheaded British aid worker David Haines' widow as she brands terrorists 'sub-human' ...

The widow of a British aid worker murdered by Islamic State (IS) extremists has branded his killers "cowards". Dragana Haines, whose husband David was killed by the militants in a graphic video posted
Idag 07:41 Nyhetsmedier Daily Mail

European Union to Seek More Turkish Help in Islamic State Fight

Idag 07:13 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

'Until you've almost died, you've not really lived'

Corporal Paul Vice at Headley Court military hospital, December 2015   Photo: Geoff Pugh tag --> By Theo Merz 7:00AM GMT 07 Dec 2014 Follow Comments On his fourth tour of Afghanistan, and in one of t
Idag 07:00 Nyhetsmedier Telegraph

Attack on Police Station in Iraq Kills 9 People

BAGHDAD — Dec 7, 2014, 3:59 AM ET By SINAN SALAHEDDIN Associated Press Officials in Iraq say militants have attacked a police station in a village north of Baghdad , killing nine people. A police of
Idag 04:00 Nyhetsmedier ABCNews

Conflicting versions of conflict in Syria as US and partner nations continue airstrikes against ISIL

Islamic State militants claim a video posted on a social media website shows its fighters having taken control of Syrian government airbase in the eastern province of Deir-al-Zor. They claim the foota
Idag 00:50 Nyhetsmedier Euronews - World News


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Domestic gods: how a manservant could change your life

The doorbell rings, and I see the shadowy outline of a man on the porch. My girlfriends, eight of whom are gathered in the living room with glasses in hand, immediately start giggling. Before I reach
Idag 09:58 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

Taiwanese man faces fine over false Ebola report

A Taiwanese man faces a fine after telling doctors he had travelled to Africa and had symptoms of Ebola, sparking emergency quarantine measures at a hospital, officials said Sunday.
Idag 09:54 Nyhetsmedier Daily Nation

Taiwan man faces fine for false Ebola report

Idag 09:42 Nyhetsmedier News24 World

Recovered from Ebola, Cuban doctor returns home

HAVANA/GENEVA - A Cuban doctor who contracted Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone returned home to Cuba on Saturday, cured after 16 days in a Geneva hospital where he received an experimenta
Idag 09:03 Nyhetsmedier ABS-CBN News

U.N. peacekeeper with Ebola arrives in Netherlands for treatment

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A United Nations peacekeeper who contracted Ebola in Liberia arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday for treatment, the Health Ministry said in a statement. The man, a Nigerian wh
Idag 08:03 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Top Stories

At home and cured of Ebola, Cuban doctor vows return to Africa

"I will finish what I started. I am returning to Sierra Leone," Felix Baez, 43, told reporters at Havana's Jose Marti airport shortly after landing, the official website Cubadebate reported. It was no
Idag 07:57 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Top Stories