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Kl 11:45 onsdag 5 november Nyheter om Ryssland och Ukrainakriget ISIS och Ebola. Uppdateras kl 6, 9, 12 och 18 varje dag


100 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Rolls-Royce to axe 2,600 jobs

Image Credit: AFP London: Rolls-Royce, the maker of aircraft engines, said on Tuesday that it plans to shed 2,600 jobs, mainly at its aerospace division, over the next 18 months to cut costs. The Brit
Idag 10:55 Nyhetsmedier GulfNews.com, Business

Ukraine PM says rebel-led regions will never receive funds from Kiev

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said on Wednesday Kiev would never provide any funding to rebel-controlled areas in the east because the government refused "to finance terro
Idag 10:35 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Top Stories

Malaysians, Dutch press for MH17 access

The leaders of Malaysia and the Netherlands vowed Wednesday to keep pressing for access to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and bring to justice those responsible for downing the plane
Idag 10:26 Nyhetsmedier IAfrica.com

Western Special Services Taking Advantage of MH17 Tragedy: Ex-Intelligence Officer

Topic:   Malaysia Airlines Boeing Crashes in Ukraine An armed pro-Russian separatist guards a crash site of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo), Donetsk region Jul
Idag 10:24 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

25 years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall, the far right is on the rise

Like the Arab spring, the fall of the Berlin wall on 9 November 1989 was a clear and uncontestable good. Through the (largely) peaceful exercise of people power, six countries exchanged a fallacious d
Idag 10:15 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

Separatists say Ukraine has violated peace deal

Separatist leaders accused Petro Poroshenko of suspending a law giving their regions "special status".
Idag 10:12 Nyhetsmedier Eyewitness News

Ambassador: Ukrainian president expected to visit Azerbaijan this year

Ukraine is interested in Azerbaijan-™s experience in resettlement of IDPs from Crimea and Donbass Baku. Rufat Ahmadzada - APA . "After the new government of Ukraine is formed and the Ukrainian co-ch
Idag 10:07 Nyhetsmedier Apa.az

Russia test-fires intercontinental missile from submarine

MOSCOW Wed Nov 5, 2014 5:06am EST 0 Comments Tweet Share this Email Print Related News Separatists say Ukraine has violated peace deal 3:50am EST New North Korea nuclear facility could boost weapons f
Idag 10:06 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

Oil Is Crashing

Oil prices are sliding even further in early trading, with the commodity stumbling for the fifth consecutive day. Brent crude fell 90 cents, or 1%, to $81.92, its lowest value since 2010. Yahoo Financ
Idag 10:02 Nyhetsmedier Reuters Business Insider

Evigt ung festival med smak för provokativa filmer

Krönika Karoline Eriksson 4 november 2014 kl 07:11, uppdaterad: 5 november 2014 kl 10:41 I dag startar Stockholms filmfestival som fyller 25 i år. Festivalens lilarosa banners med närbilder på Um
Idag 09:45 Nyhetsmedier Svenska Dagbladet, Kulturnyheter

Gorbachev urges the West to accept reality about Crimea

The first and the last president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, urged the international community to recognize the Crimean Peninsula a part of the Russian Federation, a Russian territory. "The Crimea
Idag 09:45 Nyhetsmedier Pravda.ru

Ukraina betalar gasskulder

STOCKHOLM. Det ryska energibolaget Gazprom har nu fått 1,45 miljarder dollar i avbetalning av skulder från ukrainska Naftogaz. Gazproms chef Alexej Miller har lovat att gasleveranserna ska återuppt
Idag 09:34 Nyhetsmedier Laholms Tidning, Laholm

Medlemskap i Nato naturligt steg att ta

Moderaterna: Utred vad svenskt medlemskap skulle innebära   Statsminister Stefan Löfven (S) och Finlands president Sauli Niinistö. Fakta DEBATTÖRERNA Hans Wallmark , försvarspolitisk talesperson
Idag 09:32 Nyhetsmedier Aftonbladet

GOP to take reins of U.S. Senate

Republicans seized control of the U.S. Senate last night for the first time since 2006 as GOPcandidates won Democratic-held seats in North Carolina, West Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Montana,Arkansas and
Idag 09:26 Nyhetsmedier Columbus Dispatch

Ukraina påbörjar återbetalning till Gazprom

Skulden uppe i 1,45 miljarder dollar Det ukrainska gasbolaget Naftogaz har börjat betala av den 1,45 miljarder dollar stora skulden till ryska Gazprom, skriver FinWire. Ukraina, Ryssland och EU kom f
Idag 09:23 Fackpress Energinyheter.se

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Wednesday 5 Nov 2014

REPUBLICANS WIN US SENAT MAJORITY The last two years of Barack Obama's second term in office will be difficult: the Republicans have won control of the Senate in mid-term elections after focusing on v
Idag 09:16 Nyhetsmedier First Post

Head of Hungary tax authority says on U.S. travel ban list: paper

BUDAPEST Wed Nov 5, 2014 4:15am EST 0 Comments Tweet Share this Email Print Related News WRAPUP 1-Factory output shows central Europe resilient amid Russia sanctions Mon, Nov 3 2014 Analysis & Opinion
Idag 09:15 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

Hungary moves ahead with South Stream pipeline

BRUSSELS - Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban on Tuesday reiterated his support for the Russian-backed South Stream natural gas pipeline after parliament gave the green light to a law seen as pavin
Idag 09:01 Fackpress Observer.com Headlines News

Walesa: Germany should play 'leading role in Europe'

When the Berlin Wall came down 25 years ago, it was a special day for Lech Walesa. The workers' leader and later president of Poland put his country on the road to democracy when he founded the trade
Idag 09:00 Nyhetsmedier DW.de

MH17: Malaysia, Netherlands keep pressing for access to crash site; Dutch PM urges thorough, independent investigation

The leaders of Malaysia and the Netherlands have vowed to keep pressing for access to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and to bring to justice those responsible for downing the plane in
Idag 09:00 Nyhetsmedier ABC Australia Australia

Russia's Gazprom says gets first debt repayment from Ukraine

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's top natural gas producer Gazprom said on Wednesday it had received $1.45 billion (908.69 million pounds) from Ukrainian energy firm Naftogaz [NAFTO.UL] in repayment for unp
Idag 08:53 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

Russia's Gazprom says it has received first debt repayment from Ukraine Add to ...

Idag 08:49 Nyhetsmedier The Globe And Mail

Russia's Gazprom Confirms Arrears Payment of $1.45 Billion from Ukraine's Naftogaz

Topic:   Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov confirmed that Naftogaz has paid $1.45 billion for Russian gas. © RIA Novosti. Georgiy Kurolesin 10:41 05/11/2014 Tags: gas ,
Idag 08:40 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

Bone by bone, Ukraine identifies its dead

Before the war, Oksana Biryukova's lab helped investigators connect criminals to crime scenes. Now her equipment is buzzing around the clock trying to identify the charred remains of Ukrainian soldier
Idag 08:29 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

No Obama-Putin meetings on sidelines of APEC and G20: Kremlin

Moscow (AFP) - No bilateral meetings between Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are scheduled during the APEC and G20 summits next week, a Kremlin spokesman said Wednesday. "No bilateral meeti
Idag 08:19 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Political

Nato chief: Russian troops moving closer to Ukraine border

Russian troops are "moving closer to the border with Ukraine", Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg said in a speech on Tuesday. "Russia continues to support the separatists by training them", he added. "We ca
Idag 08:16 Fackpress Observer.com Headlines News

Ukraine pays first part of Gazprom bills

Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz announced Tuesday it paid $1.45 billion of old gas bills to Gazprom, as agreed in a deal made between Ukraine, Russia and the European Commission last week. Acc
Idag 08:15 Fackpress Observer.com Headlines News

McCain could shake up U.S. defense in powerful new Senate role

By Andrea Shalal and David Alexander WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senator John McCain's voice just got a whole lot louder. One of President Barack Obama's noisiest detractors, McCain is expected to take the
Idag 08:10 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Political

Stockholmsbörsen: Stigande kurser väntas

Amerikanska S&P 500 index stängde nedåt på tisdagen men stängningsnivån var ändå högre än när svenska börsen stängde i går med omkring 0,3 procent. I Asien är det relativt små indexför
Idag 08:04 Nyhetsmedier Affärsvärlden, Nyheter

Ukraina återbetalar skuld till Ryssland

Beskedet kommer efter att representanter från Ukraina, Ryssland och EU förra veckan kommit överens om att Ryssland skulle återuppta sin gasleveranser till Ukraina över vintern i utbyte mot betaln
Idag 07:58 Nyhetsmedier Dagens Industri

NATO warns Russian military behaviour is undermining decades of trust

Tensions between NATO and Russia are on the rise following a spike in Russian air force activity in Eastern Europe and its troop movements close to Ukraine's border. At a joint meeting with the EU's n
Igår 23:38 Nyhetsmedier Euronews - World News

Ryssland och N Europa

100 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Uefa Champions League: Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund secure last-16 places

Paris: Holders Real Madrid and 2013 finalists Borussia Dortmund eased into the last 16 of this season's Champions League with two group games to spare on Tuesday. Madrid recorded their fourth win in f
Idag 11:05 Nyhetsmedier GulfNews.com, Sport

Russia Test Fires Intercontinental Missile From Submerged Nuclear Sub: Defense Ministry

Drills for nuclear submarine crews at training center in Murmansk Region © RIA Novosti. Mikhail Fomichev 10:37 05/11/2014 Tags: military , Defense Ministry , Russia Related News Russia Test-Fires Top
Idag 10:24 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

BBC Sport (International version)

' + 'We\'re sorry but this article is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our ' + 'international service and is not funded by the license fee.' + ' '); $( ".story-body" ).show(); }); }); } } }
Idag 08:16 Nyhetsmedier BBC News, Latest


50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

GCHQ: Silicon Valley is Terrorist

The new head of GCHQ [Britain's NSA], Robert Hannigan, has spoken out strongly against American Internet companies. The BBC reports: "His concerns appear to be twofold. Firstly the fact that militant
Idag 11:33 Nyhetsmedier OSNews

Kurdish fighters helping ISIS in battle for Kobani

Ethnic Kurds are helping members of ISIS in the battle for the key Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, sharing their knowledge of the local terrain and language with the ...
Idag 11:23 Nyhetsmedier Panorama.am

Republicans take control of Senate, increase House majority as voters deliver rebuke to Obama

Enlarge Image U.S. Senator-elect Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, speaks to supporters during an election night rally, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in West Des Moines, Iowa. Ernst defeated U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa
Idag 10:34 Nyhetsmedier Brandon Sun, International News

Radical Islam Of IS Poses 'Special Threat' To Kyrgyz National Identity

The president of Kyrgyzstan has warned that radical Islam as preached by Islamic State group militants poses a "special threat to the identity of the resurgent Kyrgyz ethos." Speaking to Kyrgyzstan's
Idag 10:27 Nyhetsmedier Kyrgyzstan News

Pakistan Taliban threatens to attack India

Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) behind this week's devastating suicide bombing on the Pakistani-Indian border said on Wednesday the attack was as much aimed at India as Pakistan, suggesting that Indian target
Idag 10:25 Nyhetsmedier The Hindu

Obama doing 'insipid job', China paper says ahead of visit

China's state-run media on Wednesday decried Barack Obama as a banal leader who has done an "insipid job", days ahead of a visit by the US president. The editorial in the Global Times, which has close
Idag 10:24 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Iraq

Berlin rapper in 'Islamic State' beheading video

A German rapper-turned-jihadist has been identified in a video made by the "Islamic State." Denis Cuspert seems to be the spokesman for a campaign to recruit German Salafists and IS sympathizers. Germ
Idag 10:24 Nyhetsmedier Deutsche Welle, DW-World.de

Acid attacks in Iran sharpen row over Islamic dress and vigilantism

By Babak Dehghanpisheh BEIRUT Wed Nov 5, 2014 5:17am EST 0 Comments Tweet Share this Email Print Related News Egyptian militant group denies pledging loyalty to Islamic State: Twitter Tue, Nov 4 2014
Idag 10:17 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

The Tide Is Turning Against ISIS in Iraq

After a string of victories by Iraqi and Kurdish forces against ISIS over the past two weeks, the rumors started popping up online: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, had been replaced by his S
Idag 10:15 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Iraq

EXCLUSIVE: The astonishing stories behind the fall of the Berlin Wall: Woman who fled East Germany for her lover and the boy scouts on the advent...

Photojournalist Tom Stoddart was in Germany in November 1989 when the Berlin Wall came crashing down His incredible images of celebration, defiance and humanity as Germany was made whole were seen acr
Idag 10:14 Nyhetsmedier Daily Mail

Martha Lane Fox: 'I wouldn't want GCHQ to rummage in my front room'

Warnings from the new director of GCHQ that US technology companies are not doing enough to prevent social networks becoming "the command-and-control networks of choice" for terrorists are reactionary
Idag 10:13 Nyhetsmedier The Guardian

Despite persecution, Year of Consecrated Life celebrated in Syria

Damascus, Syria, Nov 5, 2014 / 02:04 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- Despite persecution and threats faced by the Catholic faithful in Syria, religious communities in the war-torn country have continued their
Idag 10:13 Nyhetsmedier Catholic News Agency

Western Security Services May Be Turning IS Militants on Russia: Ex-Intelligence Officer

The Islamic State is a Sunni extremist group that has been fighting the Syrian government since 2012. In June 2014, it launched an offensive in Iraq, seizing vast areas in both countries and announcin
Idag 10:12 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

Judge orders detention of teen who allegedly wanted to join ISIL

A federal magistrate judge declared a Chicago teenager who allegedly wanted to join ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq a flight risk Monday and ordered him held without bond. For the first time Monday,
Idag 10:06 Nyhetsmedier Alalam

UK officers set for return to Iraq

British troops could return to Baghdad to help Iraqi forces with their battle against Islamic State (IS).
Idag 10:01 Nyhetsmedier Yorkshire Evening Press

Norway says terror threat, attack 'likely'

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - Norwegian intelligence authorities say the Scandinavian country "likely" will be threatened or an act of terror will be attempted in Norway within the next 12 months. The Jo
Idag 09:46 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - World News

Top Iranian general, Hezbollah lead Iraq ground war

Powerful Iranian general who heads elite Quds force, aided by Hezbollah, helped Iraqi forces beat Islamic State group in key Iraqi town.
Idag 09:44 Nyhetsmedier YnetNews

Republicans Must Now Show They Can Govern

The US midterms have dragged on for months, cost billions of dollars and delivered another shellacking to President Barack Obama. They also proved beyond any doubt that political adverts featuring pig
Idag 09:39 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, UK and Ireland Top Stories

Obama's final 2 years will be steep, rocky road

WASHINGTON - Now, President Barack Obama limps into his final two years in office. All second-term presidents lose considerable clout at this mark. But Obama's time as a lame duckcomes amid a politica
Idag 09:38 Nyhetsmedier Columbus Dispatch

Gold, diamonds fuelling conflict in Central African Republic: U.N. panel

By Daniel Flynn DAKAR Wed Nov 5, 2014 4:33am EST 0 Comments Tweet Share this Email Print A man gestures in front of a burning barricade during a protest against French soldiers in Bambari May 22, 2014
Idag 09:33 Nyhetsmedier Reuters, International

The traitors helping ISIS wipe out their own people: How ethnic Kurds are using their knowledge of Kobane to coordinate Islamists' city siege

Hundreds of Kurds are thought to have joined ISIS since fighting began It is not known exactly how many are among 3,000 troops inside Kobane One of Islamic State's top commanders is a Kurd - Abu Khatt
Idag 09:33 Nyhetsmedier Daily Mail

Norge höjer terrorhotsnivån

Den norska flaggan vajar mest på svenska utlandsägda fritidshus. Foto: Hassa Holmberg/TT Inom ett år kommer Norge sannolikt utsättas för terrorhot eller försök att utföra terrordåd. Det slår
Idag 09:33 Nyhetsmedier Sveriges Radio, Radio Väst

Turkey warns of threat to Aleppo from Assad, fears new refugee influx

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has accused Syrian forces of committing massacres in and around Aleppo and said Turkey would face a major new refugee crisis if Syria's seco
Idag 09:27 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo! News, Asia Top Stories

German ISIS rapper seen in beheading video

Idag 09:12 Nyhetsmedier News24 World

Top Asian News at 9:00 a.m. GMT

BEIJING (AP) - A thousand new facial-recognition cameras are watching for potential troublemakers. Kite-flying has become a jailable offense in some areas. Factories have been ordered to cut back or s
Idag 09:03 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - Iraq

Rich techbro CEOs told to SLEEP ROUGH before slamming the poor

Linux and AIX Bare-Metal Recovery Webinar The US congresswoman who represents some of the wealthiest areas of Silicon Valley has challenged technology moneybags to get some perspective on life - by sl
Idag 08:51 Nyhetsmedier The Register

Syria Qaeda chief threatens Lebanon over Hezbollah role

In the audio message distributed online on Tuesday night, Abu Mohamed al-Jolani warned that Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah movement would regret its intervention in the Syrian conflict in support of Presi
Idag 08:44 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - World News

Obama's last years may not be pretty

WASHINGTON -- Now, U.S. President Barack Obama limps into his final two years in office. All second-term presidents lose considerable clout at this mark. But Obama's time as a lame duck comes amid a p
Idag 08:04 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, World News

Fear of Terrorism Fuels Republican Win in Georgia Senate Race: Political Expert

Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate David Perdue arrives for his election night party, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in Atlanta © AP Photo/ David Goldman 10:18 05/11/2014 Tags: Jihadists , US Senate ,
Idag 07:53 Nyhetsmedier RIA Novosti

Islamic State: New Zealand PM John Key seeks urgent legal changes to deal with foreign fighters and militant threat

New Zealand prime minister John Key is following Australia's lead and seeking urgent legal changes to deal with foreign fighters and the security threat posed by Islamic State militants. Mr Key has ru
Idag 07:17 Nyhetsmedier ABCAustraliaWorld


50 unika artiklar från det senaste dygnet

Australia bows to pressure to step up Ebola fight

Australia will provide A$20 million to staff a 100-bed treatment centre that will be built by Britain.
Idag 11:00 Nyhetsmedier Eyewitness News

Spanish nursing assistant who beat Ebola to be discharged after month in hospital

Enlarge Image This Nov. 1, 2014 photo provided by the Madrid's Carlos III hospital shows Teresa Romero, center, posing for a photo with medical workers and friends after leaving the isolation unit in
Idag 10:34 Nyhetsmedier Brandon Sun, International News

Amid Ebola, voting begins to pick World Health Organization's next Africa chief

COTONOU, Benin - Voting has begun to elect the next head of the World Health Organization's Africa director at a meeting of the U.N. health agency's regional committee in Benin. Representatives from W
Idag 10:34 Nyhetsmedier Brandon Sun, International News

Ebola orphans rejected by extended families

UNICEF says many orphans in Ebola-stricken countries are being rejected by their surviving relatives.
Idag 10:26 Nyhetsmedier Eyewitness News

Stark högervåg blåser över USA

En lycklig Mitch McConnell, republikansk senator från Kentucky och den som sannolikt blir majoritetsledare i kammaren, sade i sitt segertal att landsmännen sagt sitt om styret i Washington, att det
Idag 10:24 Nyhetsmedier Affärsvärlden, Nyheter

Republikanskt rött i hela kongressen

En stark högervåg blåser över USA. Nattens mellanårsval ger Republikanerna majoritet i senaten, och därmed kontroll över hela USA:s kongress. Demokratiske Barack Obama har två tuffa år framf
Idag 10:19 Nyhetsmedier Svenska Dagbladet, Utrikes

Spanish nurse who beat Ebola to be discharged

MADRID (AP) - A Spanish nursing assistant who recovered from Ebola is to be discharged from a Madrid hospital a month after she was admitted with the virus. Carlos III hospital chief Rafael Perez-Sant
Idag 10:18 Nyhetsmedier Yahoo News - World News

--> Latest News --> --> --> --> --> Europe --> Spanish nurse cured of Ebola to be discharged

Idag 10:16 Nyhetsmedier The Big Story

Arnroth visar Plague i SVT:s morgonsoffa

Spel / Övrigt Det mobila spelet Plague Inc. har funnits ett tag på marknaden. Men med tanke på den pågående Ebolaepedemin känns kanske spelet mer aktuellt än någonsin. Och just Ebola valde spe
Idag 10:15 Nyhetsmedier Feber.se

Uppåt och nedåt med ebola

STOCKHOLM. Världsbankens chef Jim Yong Kim anser att resultaten i kampen mot ebola i Västafrika är blandade. Lovande tecken syns i Liberia, medan utvecklingen i Sierra Leone är mer bekymmersam. Om
Idag 10:09 Nyhetsmedier Laholms Tidning, Laholm

Is President Barack Obama doomed to be "the lamest duck" in recent US history?

President Obama meets with his national security and public health teams in the White House on Monday   Photo: Getty tag --> By Ria Ivandic , King's College London 9:54AM GMT 05 Nov 2014 Comments Wak
Idag 09:54 Nyhetsmedier Telegraph, News

Voting begins to pick WHO's next Africa chief

COTONOU, Benin (AP) -- Voting has begun to elect the next head of the World Health Organization's Africa director at a meeting of the U.N. health agency's regional committee in Benin. Representatives
Idag 09:44 Nyhetsmedier Associated Press, Health

Why Your Brain Wants To Help One Child In Need -” But Not Millions

Donations to fight Ebola are lower than expected. One psychologist thinks the reason may be the impact of hopelessness. A really big problem makes them less likely to give.
Idag 09:39 Nyhetsmedier NPR

Young man bullied so badly his weight plummeted to just SEVEN stone at age 15 beats anorexia to become a bodybuilder

Perry Andrews, 24, was bullied daily at school and developed anorexia By the age of 15 he weighed just 7 stone despite being tall at 5"11 He dropped out of school at 16, unable to cope with his proble
Idag 09:37 Nyhetsmedier Daily Mail

Africa: Russian Coach Apologises for Racist Comments - Report

FC Rostov's coach, Igor Gamula, has reportedly apologised for racist comments he made about "dark-skinned" players in his team. BBC earlier reported that the Russian team's African players - South Afr
Idag 09:31 Nyhetsmedier AllAfrica.com

Asia 'must do more' to fight Ebola, says World Bank president

Idag 09:29 Nyhetsmedier Arabian Business, World

VIDEO: Inside new Ebola treatment centre

Clive Myrie looks around a new, British army-built centre for treating people with Ebola in Kerry Town, Sierra Leone.
Idag 09:17 Nyhetsmedier The Grocery Trader

Australia to staff Ebola hospital in Sierra Leone

Idag 09:13 Nyhetsmedier Stars And Stripes

Australia steps up Ebola fight in Africa

Idag 09:12 Nyhetsmedier News24 Africa

Kampen mot ebola går bättre - och sämre Hittills har cirka 5 000 människor dött av blödarfebern.

Världsbankens chef Jim Yong Kim anser att resultaten i kampen mot ebola i Västafrika är blandade. Lovande tecken syns i Liberia, medan utvecklingen i Sierra Leone är mer bekymmersam. Omkring 5 000
Idag 09:00 Nyhetsmedier Göteborgs-Posten

Sierra Leone gets UK Ebola centre

A British-run facility to treat people with Ebola is opening near the Sierra Leone capital, Freetown.
Idag 08:53 Nyhetsmedier The Grocery Trader

Understanding the Ebola virus

Image courtesy of Google NFC-based mobile payments have had a boost in recent months, possibly thanks to the launch of Apple Pay, which was announced in September . Now, a person with knowledge of the
Idag 08:39 Fackpress Ars Technica

Australia Bows to Pressure to Step up Ebola Fight in Africa

Idag 08:34 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

China Factory Whirs Overtime to Make Ebola Suits

Idag 08:31 Nyhetsmedier NDTV

Deadly microbes a driver for the globe's biodiversity

Most of the globe's biodiversity is invisible to the bare eye. Yet, microbes were vital in bringing about today's diversity of plants and animals. Even the deadly Ebola virus has its place in the gran
Idag 08:30 Nyhetsmedier Deutsche Welle, DW-World.de

Sierra Leone imprisons journalist under new Ebola policy

Idag 08:28 Nyhetsmedier News24 Africa

Australia ramps up Ebola response, pledges $24 million

MELBOURNE - The Australian government has scaled up its response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, committing an additional A$24 million in funding to the tackle the deadly disease. Prime Minister
Idag 08:27 Fackpress Mashable

Police Close Roads For Ebola Summit

Some roads will be closed in Accra by the Police owing to the summit of Heads of States and Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on Ebola which is scheduled to take pla
Idag 08:17 Nyhetsmedier Peace fm Online

Welcomed home with hugs

Erin Schillberg a Winnipeg epidemiologist who spent a month in Sierra Leone dealing with people with Ebola for Doctors Without Borders. She??s now back working for WRHA.- See Randy Turner story ?? Nov
Idag 08:05 Nyhetsmedier Winnipeg Free Press, Local News

Republicans win control of U.S. Senate

Republicans won control of the U.S. Senate, capturing seats from Democrats in elections on Tuesday shaped by deep voter discontent with President Barack Obama. With Republicans strengthening their maj
Idag 08:05 Nyhetsmedier The Hindu

Obama blockeras av ny kongress

Elizabeth Walentin , svenskamerikansk pr-konsult och statsvetare, ser flera potentiella konfliktområden mellan kongressen och Vita huset. - Miljön, oljeledningen Keystone, "Obamacare". Och så den a
Idag 07:53 Nyhetsmedier Hufvudstadsbladet

BBC Sport (International version)

' + 'We\'re sorry but this article is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our ' + 'international service and is not funded by the license fee.' + ' '); $( ".story-body" ).show(); }); }); } } }
Idag 07:44 Nyhetsmedier BBC News, Latest